Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tea Collection: Destination Italy

It's my favorite time of the year!  The time when Tea Collection releases it's new destination designs of clothing for kids!  This spring they're taking us on a tour of Italy and the colors and designs are just lovely.

The first release is inspired by modernissimo art and the work of Giacomo Balla with the abstract shapes and typography of the Futurism movement.

Starting today and running through Monday the 15th, everything made by Tea is on a Buy More, Get More sale.  Buy 3 items and save 15%, buy 4 items and save 20%, buy 5 items and save 25% with the code AMORE.  And yes, even the older styles that are marked down are included so don't forget to check the sale section.

As I've looked through their Italy collection I am so impressed by how well they have coordinated the colors so that 3 or 4 pieces can all mix and match.  The styles below were picked out of the catalog by my girls and they all match the same pair of leggings in the blue, as well as a hot pink option.  And the two dresses as well as some others would match the purple berry colored leggings.

Don't forget, there's plenty of Roman architecture and speedy Vespa inspired wear for the boys too!

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