Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mississippi Update

So, we had a meeting at church last week and got a lot more details on our trip. First we will be going with 9 people total, 4 of whom are also on our flight down there. Most of them are leaving on Friday and we will be staying until Saturday.
We will be staying at a Mennonite music camp (?) and there will be Amish women cooking for us! Breakfast however is served at 6:30am. Brian is looking forward to greeting me then and watching my face... He gets to sleep in another room - camp style bunkbeds.
We are going with a group from our church - the Free Methodist - and they have organized various projects that we can work on while we're there. Picking up where the last group left off and leaving it ready for the next group. It sounds like this will be a very very long process. There is also the opportunity to work in Katrina's Kitchen which a man started the day after the hurricane by barbequing hamburgers. People started donating food, some kitchen equipment from a damaged restaurant, a tent, etc. and now they serve 1,000 meals a day and haven't missed a day since the hurricane. I think I'd like to try that for at least one day! I'll probably be better at dishes than cooking though!

2 weeks and counting...