Saturday, March 31, 2007

And Cory makes three!

Cory Elias

Born: March 28th at 2:38am
8 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long

We finally brought him home from the hospital today. He had trouble getting enough oxygen at the beginning and then he developed jaundice so had to stay another day under the lights. We think he's pretty cool (quite warm actually), but we are still having some issues getting the feeding thing down so please pray for that... and for sleep!

Krista, Brian, and Cory

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

So, Thursday was my mom's 60th birthday. I planned a surprise party for Saturday afternoon. But she got 3 parties anyway because they had one at school, then one with the teachers (half day) on Friday and then mine! But Grandma almost ruined the surprise... I shouldn't have told her because she called on Friday asking how the surprise party was ... "I waited all night for someone to come pick me up!" when Mom had been up there that night anyway!
And then the cake almost didn't arrive, my friend Becca was supposed to go with me to Costco to pick it up... But when I got to her house Saturday morning her husband had taken the car (with all the carseats in it) to a wrestling tournament and didn't have a cell phone on him. Plus he had taken the keys to the truck. And Becca can't drive a stick, which my car is!
So she gave me her card and said just don't say anything! I got in fine, but they look at your actual picture when you check out so I was wondering how that would work out! But thankfully I ran into Brian's principal who agreed to let me check out with him. And then he found a canvas carport thing he wanted to buy, but didn't have his truck with him! I looked at the box and said, "oh, it'll fit in my car". Which it did with the back seats laid down and the passenger seat pushed all the way to the dash! So it worked out both ways and since he was coming to the party he could bring his truck and get it later!
Then since my mom didn't know about the party of course she had scheduled Min Ho for a physical (he's going to play tennis) at 10:30 and my dad was going to try to take her out to lunch at 11:15 so I could decorate and set up! He finally got back and got her to lunch at noon and thankfully again a couple of friends had called and asked if I needed any help so they came and we got it all done.
The party was a success, she was very surprised and lots of people came! Yay!

The only sad thing lately is that some how someone stole our camera. :( Brian had left it on his desk at school and we're really hoping it wasn't one of the students. It's possible that someone could have gotten in because the high school is just an old house and not really secure. But I'm most sad about the fact that now we don't have a good camera to take pictures when the baby's born. Not to mention that we don't have the money to replace it right now. So we're just praying that it will turn up at a pawn shop or someone will find it or something. There was a rash of thefts at the public middle school and high school last week and my friend who is a teacher up there had her cell phone stolen. The police were hoping to track the thieves down with that so maybe it will be connected...

Then we had Brian's friend Sami (from college) come visit also to go skiing with us! Too bad it was all warm and slushy today. We even got up to go to the early service at church (at 8:15 on daylight savings no less!) so they could go skiing. At least I think they had fun even though they didn't stay all day.

Hooray for the Cougs making it into the brackets - and at the #3 spot!!!