Monday, December 11, 2006

Of High Schoolers and Bus Adventures

It's funny... I've never gone to the Christian school and never been a teacher there (other than to sub for a few days) and I've managed to be along on at least 2 trips when the bus has broken down!
Last week we went to Spokane with all the high school students to go out to dinner and then see "Joseph" at the Opera House. About an hour outside Spokane we pulled off for lunch and... the bus wouldn't go forward from the stop sign! It would go in reverse though so we at least managed to get out of the middle of the off ramp...
So, after 2 hours in the Subway/Mini Mart we managed to get enough cars to get everyone to the church in Spokane to change and we were only an hour late for dinner! It was yummy and everyone had lots of fun dressing up.
The play was a bit of a let down as the actors did a great job, but God was missing from the whole thing and it was very Hollywood. Not as good a message as the local productions I've seen before in terms of the story.

Anyway, then we stayed up late and saw them all off in the morning before Brian and I went to visit one of his college friends. The students all made it back to Leavenworth in cars and as far as I know the bus has gone to it's grave in Ritzville.
We had limited success shopping for maternity clothes at the malls in Spokane, but at least that's more than can be said for Wentachee!