Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A fairly UN-eventful weekend

For once it seems that things went our way! We actually made it to Katrina and Andy's wedding 45 minutes early on Saturday. And while we were sitting in the lobby waiting we said "hey, at least we're here!"
They had some cool things at the reception, like hot chocolate toasts and gingerbread men and women for everyone to decorate. I was pretty impressed by all the different things they had considering Katrina had 2 1/2 months to plan it! But then again she is an event planner for her job! And it's not like she hasn't had a few years to think about it!Afterwards we stayed with Tim and Wendy and I went to a wedding shower with Wendy at my old church in Auburn (south of Seattle). I didn't know anyone there but one girl from before when I went there. The girl who's shower it was had gone to Multnomah and her roommates came up from the Portland area to throw the shower. So after the shower I asked one of them if they knew the 2 people I knew that went to Multnomah (both from Clatskanie) Molly or Adam. She said no to Molly, but that's Adam's wife over there! I had never met her so didn't recognize her. I went to talk to her and then Adam came to pick her up 10 minutes later so I got to talk to him. I hadn't seen him in probably 10 years so it was fun to catch up. Randomness!

Apparently all the auto body shops around here are quite busy and our car won't be able to even get in the shop until March. At least the guy at the Toyota dealer said he'd adjust the trunk so it will actually latch until then.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The adventure we didn't want to have...

So we drove all the way down to Portland to go to Brian's friend Dave's wedding... and then we went to the ER instead. Ugh.
On the way to the wedding we got rear-ended on the interstate bridge. Basically all the cars in front of us slowed down real fast and the guy two cars behind us didn't (in a really big F350 or something) and hit the lady behind us in her light pick-up. But it could have been partly her fault in slowing down weird because she was completely wasted. And she had no control over her car so then ran into us.
The really scary part though was that we all slowed down, but she must have gotten knocked out for a bit or something because she didn't stop and started weaving back and forth across all 3 lanes of the bridge, running up onto the concrete barrier and across the lanes until she finally stopped in front of us. And she had fallen over so it looked like the truck was driving itself. I was really scared because I thought she was seriously injured to have fallen over like that.

Anyways, I called 911 while Brian when to put her truck in neutral so it didn't start going again. The paramedics showed up and the police. I had seen it coming in the side mirror so I got whiplash pretty bad. They were going to let me refuse a ride to the hospital until they found out I was pregnant. Then they strongly suggested that I at least go be checked out. They didn't make me go in the ambulance though. So after all the paperwork, etc. and seeing the lady be taken off in handcuffs we went to the hospital. They checked me all out and since the baby was moving normally (we got an ultrasound!) said I would probably just be sore and if anything started to be weird of course go to the ER again.

So we did finally get to go to the last half hour of the reception, which was nice, but very sad that we missed everything else.
And the car is drivable, but the trunk won't latch and the bumper is pretty well mashed!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year Weather

My dad said to stock up on candles... he forgot he was talking to the "candle queen". They came in handy the other night (Sunday) after the craziest wind storm ever and we had no power for 24 hours! Hooray for a well insulated apartment. It only got down to 60 degrees so we were fine and we went to a friend's house for dinner. Too bad Brian got a very short shower in the dark in the morning!
We still have one tree leaning against our carport right towards the end of our apartment building. A little old lady lives there so I hope they cut it down soon before something happens to make it fall. We had hurricane force wind gusts with sustained winds of about 40 miles an hour for about 8 hours. Yuck! I NEVER want to live where they actually have hurricanes! Because we didn't even have any rain/water along with it.

There are still people without power and it's supposed to get down to the single digits tonight and tomorrow with a wind chill factor below zero.

Nothing else very exciting is going on... I saw two movies in the theater in one week, I think that must be a record. My brother convinced me to go see Casino Royale... I'm not a fan of that kind of movie. And then my girlfriends took me to see The Holiday. It was okay, but had that lovely Hollywood morality. I did actually like one of the two couples played by Jack Black and Kate Winslet. They were cool and actually had real personalities.

Next on the agenda, two weddings before the end of the month, one of Brian's college friends and one of mine. Good thing I found a fancy maternity dress on ebay... :) and we have cool friends to stay with in Seattle and Portland (you know who you are!)