About Me

Committed. Artistic. Curious. Open. Friendly. Helpful. Adventurous. Fun. Observant. Analytical. Thoughtful. Spunky. Serious. Funny with a dry wit. Detail oriented. Curious. Thorough. Level-headed. God-loving. Voracious reader. Loyal. Planner. Welcoming.

These are some of the ways my friends see me. I would also add: perfectionist and pessimist.

I love to travel.  My top three favorite places on earth are Costa Rica, Yellowstone National Park, and the Oregon Coast.  All hold these places in my heart because of life experiences I've had there. 

I love where I live.  We have four distinct seasons and I enjoy each one.  Mountains, rivers, lots of pretty (and yummy) orchards.  We have the small town feel with a decent amount of amenities and we're really not that far from the big city! I'm a small town girl although I do love to visit and sometimes wish we lived a bit closer to Seattle.

I love my family!  I have two boys, Cory (8) and Noah (5) and twin girls Joy and Hope (3).  I'm married to Brian, a fellow teacher and science nerd.  We each have a married sibling and a nephew and a niece.  My parents (Nana and Papa) live nearby and my in-laws (Grandma and Grandpa) live a days drive away.  We all get along and do family holidays and vacations.  It's nice not to have to choose between them, but have them all together.  We are very blessed!

In no particular order my biggest hobbies are photography, scrapbooking, reading, sewing, and swimming.  In my former life I was a math and science teacher; one of the crazy ones who loves middle school the best.  I speak Spanish, play the flute, and write way better than I talk.

I prefer to clean the house and do laundry over cooking or doing dishes.  I love the smell of coffee and worked as a barista for awhile, but rarely drink it, and never black.  I'm the only left handed person in my extended family.  It seems that many of my friends are into running now, but I did my running in high school: four years of track and cross country was enough for me, and my knees.

Finally, I go to the biggest church in town, but only because I want to.  I struggle every day with being real, honest, and who God wants me to be.  I want my kids to grow up knowing Jesus more than just as a name, but as a friend, someone they can trust with their whole life.  It may not be easy, but I know it's the best thing out there.