Thursday, June 08, 2017

Double Digits

Some people say, "oh my goodness, 10!" as if they can't believe 10 years have gone by, but I have [most of] the memories to prove it!  As of the end of March my oldest child is now 10.

He still loves that chartreuse green, but wears other colors and looks good in all of them.  His shoes are officially as big as mine and he's over 5 feet tall already.  I imagine well before high school he'll be taller than me at this rate!

He wanted to play the cello this year in strings at school and has done really well.  The all district orchestra festival last month was so neat to hear.

As I missed last year's update due to being very ill, it's even more of a difference to look back two years.

I did get to be in his classroom a little bit this year, but 4th graders don't need as much outside help so I mostly did projects for his teacher.  He was always happy to see me though and give me hugs so I'll take it.

I totally failed on the birthday treat front and ended up sending Snickers to school instead.  And we had special cupcakes for the painting party so ice cream sundaes were had on his actual birthday.

Yes, I filled the bag with pretzels because he mostly already knew what he was getting and I am a silly mom.

This spring at school every kid in his class got an iPad so he's starting to learn his way around the digital world.  Time for lots of conversations about how life works, but thankfully he still talks to us most of the time.

He got to go on a special trip with Dad and he picked Seattle.  I'll try to get some pictures up (that he took!) sooner rather than later.

Buddy, I'm happy that you're doing well in school and always curious about how things work.  I can see a scientist or an engineer (or whatever you want to be) in your future!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tea Collection Half Off Swim Sale

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The pool we frequent opened last weekend and my girls were first in line! Needless to say I think we'll be spending a lot of time in the water this summer. Which is why it's a good thing Tea Collection is having a half off swim sale this weekend. I think we may need a second swimsuit for each of them.

Use code SPLASH for 50% off ALL swim on Tea Collection from now through Sunday 6/4.

With our pale skin we love the long sleeve rash guards Tea has available for boys and girls.

But there are certainly cute one piece suits that my girls like too!

And don't forget the boys, sharks and jellyfish galore are sure to be big hits with the little guys.

What kind of swimwear do you and your kids prefer?

This sale runs June 1st through the 4th.