Sunday, September 30, 2007


It felt like I stood there for hours, staring at my reflection in the dressing room mirror. It’s a nice dress, I acknowledged to myself. A black chiffon, with diagonal streaks of black sparkles, spaghetti straps, v-neck, knee-length. It looked nice, though the top was a bit too revealing and would need to be covered with a shrug of some sort. Yes, I thought. This will do.

Michael had died just a few days before, killed before he even hit the pavement after being thrown from the car. He was not even 20 yet, and already he was gone. I had been away from my cell phone when Heidi – his sister – tried to call and tell me. When I got to my phone to check for messages, I had 15 missed calls. An icy shiver went through my body, because something told me that 15 missed calls – all from Heidi and my brother – meant something very bad had happened. I called Heidi’s phone, but she didn’t answer, so I called my brother.

“What’s going on?” I asked him.

Clearly hesitating, he said, “You should call Heidi.”

I was on the verge of tears already, with the sheer terror of what had happened. “I did call her and she didn’t answer! Just tell me what happened!”

He paused and then said, “Michael was killed in a car accident this afternoon.”

I was silent for a moment. “Oh,” I said dumbly. Tears poured over my cheeks but I didn’t feel them.

I took the first plane I could get, the next morning, to be with my family, Heidi’s family, the family who had taken me in when I had nowhere to go and loved me like their own. Michael was, in many ways, like my own little brother, and I grieved as a part of their family – the prodigal daughter come home at last.

I had been through tragedy before, but nothing could have prepared me for the shock of instantly losing a loved one. I couldn’t imagine the world without Michael, a world that so recently hadn’t even considered that Michael might soon be gone. Every silence was sharper for the loss, like a voice that should have filled it was missing.

Heidi was hiding behind logistics, taking care of all the funeral planning so that her parents wouldn’t have to deal with it. She was a whirlwind of activity, constantly driving from one place to the next to meet with managers, sign papers, or pay bills. She had it all under control, because that was what kept her under control.

And so, as a part of this, she said to me, “I have nothing good to wear to the funeral, we’ll have to go shopping.” It may seem strange to some of you, to think of shopping after the death of someone so dear, but to us, it was a way to cope.

“Good,” I said. “I have a dress with me, but I’d rather buy something new.”

So we got in the car and drove to a nearby strip mall, with a small boutique that we used to frequent often when we still lived together, back in what now seemed like another life altogether. And we walked in that store and shopped as if nothing were wrong. “How does this look?” and “Is this a good color for me?” spilled from our mouths without pause. Neither of us went to the dressing room with just a dress for a funeral – we carried sweaters, skirts, blouses, jeans, jackets, capris, anything that might make us feel normal again.

But when I put on that dress, it stopped me. I realized how brittle the smiles were – how fragile the laughter. We were scared, and lost, and we were covering it up with cheap fabric in a SoCal strip mall. It was a nice dress, and it fit well, but in the end, it was still the dress I would wear to Michael’s funeral. Michael was still gone, and all the new clothes in the world wouldn’t change that.

We spent a few hundred dollars in that store, and left with five full bags of merchandise between us. And we chatted the whole way back to the house about where we would wear our new clothes and how great it would look with those shoes we had back home. But it was the thought of that black chiffon that haunted me.

It was the black that I couldn’t escape.


This post was written by Lara David as a part of the October Blog Exchange. Lara is just another twenty-something writing and photographing her way through life one day at a time, constantly discovering that the more she learns, the less she really knows. She loves new friends, so follow along with the ups and downs of her life lessons at Life: The Ongoing Education. Plus, Krista is writing over there today, so pop on over to say hello!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Squash and other news

I never knew my child could make such interesting faces! I wish I had pictures to back this up! Alas, two nights ago I cooked up a squash, ground it up, and fed it to Cory. He was so much more interested in Daddy and the camera that I don't think he even noticed what he was eating. Last night, sans camera, I thought he was going to die. Literally, at one point I thought he was choking he was making such gagging noises and had his face all screwed up. So I quickly gave him some water and then thinned out the squash some more. No such luck. When it was completely runny he still acted like he was gagging. And the faces, oh, I wish we could have gotten them on camera. I was laughing so hard I had to take a break between his bites. But after about 5 bites with most of it running down his chin and onto the bib I gave up and made him some cereal.

Now, for all those pictures I should have gotten (and the thousands I already have) 5 minutes for Mom is giving away a portable hard drive by Western Digital! Wouldn't this just be nice in case my unreliable computer actually does decide to bite the dust! Too bad they cost $200.

Also in the news: I will be getting a new template for my blog soon! I'm super excited! It's being designed by Goofy Girl and will have pictures at the top! Plus not so much blank space on the sides so you don't have to scroll as often to read my posts. Did I mention I'm super excited?!!
I've also been accepted to a group called BlogHer ads. So once I get switched over you might start seeing one ad in a sidebar as well as some links to other women's blogs that are part of the network. I don't really have any control over the links so please forgive me in advance if they're not something you wanted to read/see. But I will get a little money from the ads as kind of a side income - to pay for my scrapbooking habit!
Aaaaaand! I just sent in my paperwork yesterday to become an Educational Consultant for Discovery Toys! This is a home party based business that sells educational (yet, totally fun) toys for kids though elementary school. So if anyone reading this is within oh, say 45 minutes to an hour drive of Wenatchee and is interested in hosting a party, let me know! All profits from this business will probably go right back into buying said toys for Cory... :)

Oh, and does anyone want a medium size container of cooked, unseasoned squash? 'Cuz you know, we don't really like it either...

Monday, September 24, 2007

What do I say?

This post is way harder for me to write than anything else. I've just had some friends who had a miscarriage this weekend. They were 10 or 11 weeks along. (Mrs. Chappy in my sidebar) I've had so many friends miscarry in the last year that it just seems too common. Not common for the one having it, but every time I wonder why. What caused this. Why did I get to have a relatively easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. (albeit with a bit of weirdness for the first 6 weeks after he was born) It makes me want to just be with my boy all the time.
And then there was the blog I found through Rocks in My Dryer about the little girl born just last week with Trisomy-18. It's not Down's Syndrome, but they didn't expect her to be born alive, let alone live this long. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. They're asking for prayers for their family and their little girl, Copeland.
But actually the post just before that one, Shannon was talking about her faith. It was something I needed to hear(read?).
Somehow through all the craziness God is still there. He never said it would be easy although sometimes I think we think it should be since we're Christians. Is it that He's trying to get our attention because we're too complacent or simply this is what must happen for the bigger picture and His Glory to be proclaimed?

Diaper Dilemma (and contests)

For any mom's out there who use cloth diapers... I need some advice. What kind do you use? Where do you get them? What do you like best about them? Did you have any trouble getting used to them in the beginning?

I ordered a few Happy Heinys and got them last week. After getting them ready to use (lots of washing) we used them last night. There was no major leakage which was good - that's been a problem with all kinds, but they were a little soggy around the leg openings. And how in the world do you tell when they're wet and/or need to be changed? Do you have to change them after every little pee? That would seem to require an inordinate amount of diapers (and these things are expensive!)

Please leave me your thoughts! I'm definitely interested in this for multiple reasons (landfills anyone?), but not sure what might be the best option.

Now, on with the other fun stuff!

DE Reviews has some CUTE baby onesies and T's by SATee's. They each have a very large vocabulary word on them that supposedly describes your child. I think the one for Cory should be gregarious! Do you know what it means?

The other one is for kid's room bedding and decorations. I would LOVE this stuff! It's at An Island Life and the company giving the stuff away is the Warm Biscuit Bedding Company (how's that for a name!)

Friday, September 21, 2007


After joining this blogging community of mom's this month it became my intention to try to write at least every other day. Then came this week.
I feel blah. About everything. I really don't even want to write today, but I have pictures to share (for the grandparents! ;)

Oh, and here's a new reviews site. For moms of little ones. DE reviews. they are currently giving away a baby wrap from Hug a Bug Baby. These things are really nice!

My brother's dog, Mara. She likes to hold her own leash...

Cory on Grandma's shoulder at a wedding we went to 2 weeks ago.

My little man, just being cute!

Look mom, I can drink out of my own sippy cup... and it's RED!

Cory and Daddy playing
(why is it that I can never get a decent picture of my husband? He always has to make some kind of strange face! Is this what I have to look forward to with Cory...?)

A day at the park

Isn't he just adorable?

Miss Lydia and brother Isaiah

We didn't get a picture of the Baby Brigade because Mee Sook, Shoresh, and Azriel were sick. I was kinda glad (not that they were sick) because Shoresh is a speed demon on his tricycle and we have to walk FAST to keep up with him. This way we walked pretty slow and I was in the mood for that.

This is how I found Cory this afternoon after I'd put him down for a minute. I guess he decided he needed a nap himself so he pulled the blanket up over his face and was out! I thought it was too quiet... (he moved a little before I could get the camera, he was completely head under the blanket before)

So here's my theory - if it can be called that - on why I'm blah. Or at least part of the reason. Pastor John started a new sermon series 2 weeks ago on the Holy Spirit. It's pretty good already and this is on the 2nd one. It's something we really don't get much exposure to unless we study it on our own.
Not that I remember much specific about the sermon (but hey, at least I remembered the topic, right?) but one of the worship songs we sang has been going around in my head all week. It's by Hillsongs Australia and I finally had to go look up the words because I don't know it real well.

Let the Peace of God Reign

Father of life draw me closer
Lord, my heart is set on You
Let me run the race of time
With Your life enfolding mine
And let the peace of God
Let it reign
Oh Holy Spirit, You're my comfort
Strengthen me, hold my head up high
And I stand upon Your truth
Bringing glory unto You
And let the peace of God
Let it reign
Oh Lord I hunger for more of You
Rise up within me let me know Your truth
Oh Holy Spirit saturate my soul
And let the life of God fill me now
Let Your healing power breathe life and
Make me whole
And let the peace of God let it reign

It's the second verse that's been going around in my head.

Plus I've been reading a book by Henri Nouwen (one of my all time favorites from college) called the road to daybreak. In it he writes about his year spent in France at a community called L'Arche which is for severely handicapped people. It's a place of quiet since most of them can't talk, and it's a place of service because most of the assistants are there full time and have committed to living there long term with the residents.
Anyways, he's writing about feeling distracted and then he comes to Mary's response to the angel, Gabriel. "The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will cover you with its shadow." and Mary's response was "You see before you the Lord's servant; let it happen to me as you have said." (Luke 1) Nouwen then comments that her words "summarize the deepest possible response to God's loving action within us. God wants to let the Holy Spirit guide our lives, but are we prepared to let it happen?" This was "Mary saying "Yes" to God's love."

I wonder how hard it is, really, to let the HS guide your life. what would it look like. to me sometimes I'm too afraid of what I might have to give up. like control. or what it would require of me. I don't really like change that much.

So part of my "theory" wonders if because I've been thinking about this Satan doesn't want me to and he's part of my feeling blah. But then again maybe I'm giving him too much credit and I'm just tired.

Yes, it has literally taken me all day to write this post. Cory has been super fussy - I'm not sure why. Plus I'm just blah. Still.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Young Marrieds becomes Young Parents

Tonight was our first "official" meeting of our small group. There are 4 couples, 2 with children, 2 with girls on the way! We're going to tell the pastor in charge of small groups that our group is growing... from within! It's so fun! But we're going to have to move since the lovely Wares who have been hosting are the next due for an "addition" in about 3 weeks. I guess that means I'll have to clean up around here a little more often... or at least in December and January since that's when we're on the schedule to be hosts!
And I hope Leana and I didn't scare Hawley and Katie with all the things that happen to you when you give birth... and there was so much to talk about that we didn't even get around to praying for our prayer requests. oops! Guess we should be a little better at that. Like the leader of the Mom's Bible study that we're all in said this week. If we don't pray first it won't happen because we women like to talk (nah, really?). The other cool thing is that Katie and Leana and I are all in that Mom's Bible study! (Hawley's still teaching)

In other mom news... if you ever feel the need to vent and you worry about who might read it... there is a new blog called Mom's Turn. (I'm sure you don't even have to be a mom to vent!) Somehow this sort of seems like gossip or something. But I have run across the feeling myself. Sometimes it might even be a funny story I want to tell, but don't want to hurt someone's feelings. So this is the anonymous solution. And maybe you'll have an ingenious solution to someone else's problem...

On another note: we went shopping today (hooray for a 50% sale!) at Macy's and bought me a real live suitcase! Now, before you wonder why I'm getting all excited about this... let's just say running through an airport trying to catch a plane connection and having to carry all your stuff is not exactly fun! I have personally had this experience (we missed the plane anyway) and it would have been waaaaaay easier with this handy suitcase on wheels! And of course it's fun to have a new suitcase since I'm still using a sport bag from high school. The last suitcase I can remember having was when I was a kid and it was a sky blue hard case that was a hand me down from my grandmother... wonder what ever happened to it anyway...
Here's to traveling more in the future!

Friday, September 14, 2007

A little bit of this and that

Thanks to all of you who either left me comments or emailed me about my last post. After my entire day of freaking out Brian called the clinic to find out that none of their vaccines has the preservative Thimesosal in it. Yay! No more worrying! And thanks for all the chicken pox horror stories, yikes! I'm still not entirely convinced on that one, but maybe if there's a younger sibling around when Cory starts school or hanging out with a bunch of kids then I will have him get it.

And just in case we were wondering where Cory got his love of red... Grandpa Herling sent this to me:
Cory's attraction to RED has its roots in Red
Corvettes (always my favorite color), Grandpa's Red 66
Chevelle (should have never sold it!), Red 73 Ford 4x4
truck (which has a story behind it, or so I'm told), and the 05
Tacoma TRD (strickly business - but still my favorite

Grandpa likes 'red'
How many more random things do I have for you today...

Oh, tons of cool contests!
Like this one at Casual Friday Everyday where you can enter to win a year's subscription to Meal Planning Central. Where you get recipes for an entire (healthy) meal and the shopping list. woo hoo! I SUCK (sorry Mom) at meal planning so this would be great! Not saying I would use every menu I'm sure, but just to have some ideas... yeah!

And for any moms out there who would like some free diapers... here's Parent Product Reviews new website where they're giving away a two month supply of size 3 Luvs diapers. That would sure come in handy around here!

A candle giveaway by Heather! I LOVE candles! My poor husband...

Finally, there's a contest about exercise at The Parent Bloggers where you can win free shoes from Ryka. The company is giving away 50 pairs of shoes PER DAY! I could stand a new pair of tennies... My exercise this week has actually been *fairly* decent. I went for a walk with Cory on Monday, then with him and Annika on Tuesday, and then to the park for a walk with our Baby Brigade yesterday. Wow, 3 times in one week, I think that must be a record! It's nice, but I don't know what we're going to do when it gets too cold. Already going to the park at 9am is COLD! Time to dress warmer and make sure Cory has on more than a onesie and a little blanket. I wasn't expecting that!
(which reminds me I need to get a picture of our Baby Brigade... 3 moms, 6 kids... 2 on tricycles... good times!)

And don't forget to check out the giveaways every day of the week by Shannon at Bloggy Giveaways!

I think that may be all the randomness for today... but here's a final thought: You know your car is in bad shape when it looks better dirty than clean! I washed mine yesterday... eeek!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Have I told you yet that Cory's favorite color is red? You wouldn't think it would be possible, but there it is! And we've known it for quite awhile. He gets distracted when nursing in the car because of the red Chinese tassel thing hanging off the rearview mirror. And tonight when I set him up to burp there was a red blanket laying over the arm of the couch. He went for it with intense focus! It was so cute! He also really likes his Elmo book...

Today I've been seeing red... as in freaking out... just a little bit.
I was reading a post on another blog about a mom having to prove that she didn't have to vaccinate her kids for them to be in pre-school. That reminded me that I've been thinking about this off an on. That there are some people who think there's a link between the MMR vaccine and increased rates of autism. There hasn't been any definitive proof that the 2 are linked, but they haven't dis-proved it either. (Just so you know that vaccine isn't recommended until they're 1 year so I've got time to research - and worry)
Most of the reasons they think there's a link is because of a preservative called Thimerosal which has a lot of mercury in it. Now tell me, why on God's green earth are they still using mercury when they know how bad it is? And in little babies shots?!!! However I do know that there are a couple of different versions of this MMR shot and not all of them have the Thimerosal in them. So now I just have to make extra sure that my doctor's office isn't using one...
But I've also been thinking, why in the world do they have to give so many shots when the babies are so young? They wanted to give Cory a Hepatitis B shot in the hospital when he was born! Hello, that's a blood borne disease? Where's he going to get it when he's staying home with me?
Some vaccines I have no problems with, Polio? You bet I'm gonna get him vaccinated for it. But chicken pox? Not so sure. For one thing it's a very new vaccine. For another thing chicken pox and even shingles while painful are not debilitating diseases last time I checked.
Plus I just think that giving a 2 month old baby 5 different vaccines all at once is not quite right. It just makes them horribly miserable and seems a little hard on their tiny bodies. I don't know, please don't quote me as authority, but I think they should space them out a bit. Especially since then there's no way to know if they have a reaction which one it was to.
I'm thinking that I'm going to have them wait to start any more rounds of shots until he's a little older. He has one more set to finish the Hep B, Polio, and DTaP and they are supposed to be given within a certain frame of time. But no new ones until later.

But needless to say I was fretting over this all day and of course when Brian came home we had to have a giant argument about it. I wasn't seeing straight because all I could think of was my precious baby being all cute and interactive one day and then after shots turning anti-social. I'm not sure I could handle it. So yes, I was freaking out.
Which reminds me, who do I think I am in control of everything anyway? Didn't I learn this way back in Costa Rica in 2001? That freaking out about all the what-ifs in the future gets you NO WHERE?!!! Didn't I get a dove tattoo to remind me that Jesus brings PEACE to my heart and my life!
So let me see, 1) I'm not going to stick my head in the sand, I will do research and be cautious, but 2) I am not in control over my life let alone any possible circumstances that could hurt my baby. 3) I will now proceed to try to calm down and be rational. Every time I start to think about it I will pray. For other people like Amy's family who have to deal with real things that could freak you out.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

You know you're a Mom when...

So tonight we went to a concert at church and afterwards they had an ice cream social. Besides the fact that I had to stand and bounce for half the concert...
I picked up my bowl of ice cream with the same hand that was holding Cory hoping to have the other hand free to get toppings and cookies, etc. Of course he wants anything he can reach and promptly stuck his hand in my ice cream! Without even thinking about it I picked up his hand and stuck it in my mouth and sucked all the ice cream off before he could eat it or get it all over me or him. Afterwards I realized what I had done... :)

Which segues nicely into something I was thinking about the other night:

The Human Kleenex

I used to think it was totally gross whenever a baby drooled on me or spit up on me or oozed anything on me. After I had my own Adorababy I suddenly didn’t even seem to notice. Even when nasty puddles of poo leaked out of his diaper. However the last few days he has had a cold and I don’t know if it’s related to that or teething, but he’s also drooling buckets. I’m not kidding. And if that weren’t bad enough he seems to store it and pour it all out of his mouth at once. I’m okay with little bits of drool, no problem. However it’s when I’m holding him and not paying 100% attention that randomly I feel a wet stream down my arm and onto my leg (or toes if I’m standing up). It’s rather disconcerting! Add to that the snotty nose that he so lovingly wipes across my t-shirt and I’m feeling rather disgusting. Thank goodness my stock of t-shirts from high school isn’t quite diminished as that’s what I’m wearing until the nose clears up...

And then I went shopping at Walmart on Friday and you know you've been in there too long when you come out and seriously can't remember where you parked! Somebody also tell me... is it pathetic when a trip there for an hour or two makes you feel like you got out of the house?

Then finally an excerpt from an email to a friend this week:

We are home now and Brian started school this week at his new job at the public high school and so far he loves it! Yay! And because of that new job we can afford for me to stay home with Cory! Double yay! (except when I then go to Walmart and spend $100, yikes!) And I think we might actually eat healthier because I will have more time to think of meals and actually cook them rather than make something out of a box. Although my weakness is Rice-a-roni... can I say that I ate an entire box by myself when Brian was out for his guys game night? Way too much salt for one day, but it was soooo good!

So far these are my mom-isms... I'm sure I'll have more in the future!

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Wrinkle In Time

This is my ode to an author. I was just merrily going about my day when I log out of hotmail and on the main MSN page, just in a little link, it says "Wrinkle In Time" Author Madeleine L'Engle dies.
Wow. At first I wondered how old she was and if it was just time. I didn't know so I read the article and she was 88 and living in a nursing home. I suppose it was mostly age. But still, it makes me sad. She really was a great author. You know how you can read a book and a year later hardly remember that you read it let alone what it was about? Not so with her. I think I was in junior high when I read A Wrinkle In Time and I still remember the premise as well as some specific scenes. Her other books are just as good if not nearly as famous. I tried to read most of them over the years, but even in college I found one I hadn't read. Go figure, they were always checked out!
It was said that her writing was a precursor to Harry Potter. I'm sorry, but that just makes me gag. There's NO comparing the two! Madeleine makes you think about your life, your choices, and how you affect humanity. And they are a great read on top of that!
Anyways, I hope you all go out and read at least one of her books, you won't be sorry!

Since this took over my day, I'll save my post about being the human Kleenex for tomorrow...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I finally managed to find the actual original blog that came up with this idea. It's here. And I resolve to be more thankful. It really helps with your attitude... especially when you didn't get enough sleep!

But that's half the reason I'm thankful today. Last night we stayed up way too late because when we went to bed everything was silly and we laid in bed laughing until we were all worked up and couldn't go to sleep. So then we got up and Brian did the dishes and I don't remember what I did, but finally we went back to bed/sleep about midnight. And we were still kind of giggly!
Which reminds me of a silly thing that I thought of while going to bed. See, I'm not one who thinks making the bed is really that important. I know, I drove my mother crazy when I was growing up, but when all you have is a sheet and a comforter and you don't mess them up while you're sleeping why bother making the bed? All you have to do is pull up the sheet/comforter and it's ready to climb in again.
Now, Brian on the other hand can not even get into the bed without pulling out all the corners with his feet (I've given up tucking anything in) and generally making things all bunched up. Which means that by morning the bed is one jumbled mess of sheets and quilts. And I like my sheets to be pulled tight and smooth top and bottom thankyouverymuch! Which means that every night 2 minutes before I go to bed I'm making the bed. And of course this brings no end of hilarity to my husband because I'm so exacting about it! I'll even make him get out of bed just so I can make the bed because of course he's gotten in when it's all jumbled because he just doesn't care! This is also the same man who can fall asleep with 3 seconds notice (you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not!) so he doesn't really care where he sleeps!

The other thing I'm thankful for today is modern medicine. Even though it hurts me to watch Cory get shots at least I know that he won't come down with that handful of deadly and debilitating diseases. Sometimes I think it would be nice to go back a hundred years because "they didn't have all our modern problems". How silly! They just had other problems like more obvious racism and deadly diseases rather than terrorism and wars - well, they had some of those too... in general I am very glad to be living when I am!

And so today I am again tired, but Cory slept until 6 this morning so I at least got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is a beautiful thing!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Don't read this if you get grossed out easily...

Today Cory went to the doctor for his 4 month check-up. We're a little late as he's 5 months and one week old, but that's because we were out of town when he was supposed to go and we couldn't go early because you have to wait x amount of days before they can get more shots. Speaking of shots... what a way to make a mama cry, hurt her baby. :(
But other than the yucky cold he has he is just fine! (He was blowing snot bubbles this morning which was totally gross, but really funny!) And he absolutely hates the snot sucking bulb thingy. I think he's started to recognize it because he gets his hands up by his face and starts rubbing even before I touch him with it. But if I don't use it then I get to be the Kleenex and that's really gross, too!

Alright, this post is rather gross in general! But the info you all wanted to know. He weighs in at 18 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. It's roughly 75th percentile for other babies his age. I guess he's slowed down some now that he's wiggling more. He still hasn't figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy on purpose, but he does a fair job of being an inchworm and sometimes I am surprised by how far he's gotten across the living room floor... in search of his favorite chew toys that are just out of reach!
I'm also trying not to let him chew on my fingers anymore because it really hurts! So far no top teeth, but I can't imagine they're too far away with all the drool and chewing on stuff!

Today was Brian's second day of school and other than being tired he's feeling really good about it. He likes his classes and feels like he's off to a good start.
I can't believe he has 32 students in his algebra 1 class. How in the heck to they expect students to get any one on one attention when you put that many high schoolers in one classroom? Insane!

Monday, September 03, 2007


This is what I call Cory when he's just being too cute for words! Other nicknames I have for him: punkin', sweetheart, and Mr. Cranky Pants (self explanatory).
This last one my dad thinks is hilarious and he thought it was rather appropriate for the captain of their fishing boat a few weeks back. He didn't call her that to her face, but told another friend who was going the following week. That friend ended up with the same captain and actually called her Mrs. Crabby Pants - much to the chagrin of his wife and son who were also along. We don't know if she really was cranky or just having a bad day, but being called that meant she was in a REALLY bad mood the day his friend went!

Unfortunately Cory has a cold right now so he is rather cranky and wants to sleep a lot as well as has a very snotty face! Poor guy!

So, here are some more of my adorababy pictures from the last month... we have about 700 pictures from August... I think it might be time for a break!

Here's the new Herling/Ruark family! Minus Daddy who's taking the picture.

Me and Grandpa, we like playing together!

Mommy, Daddy, and Cory went to the beach by themselves 2 days before the wedding. We went for a walk on the beach and Cory fell asleep. Good thing Mom's sweatshirt is big enough to zip up around me!

Wait, we went to the ocean? No way, Mom, I don't believe you!

I love taking baths! This is in Grandma's utility sink! And when we got home we discovered that I'm almost too big for my baby bath tub. Mom's going to have to think of something else now!

This is my new Pooh Bear that Auntie Kelly brought me from DisneyWorld. It's just my size and I love his bright yellow and red colors! He doesn't taste as funny as the bunny either so I like to chew/drool on him!

This is my Uncle Kevin's dog, Mara. And in this picture Mom thinks I look just like Uncle Kevin did as a baby!

And finally, look at my teeth! Aren't they great! I'm such a smiley guy even if I do have a cold!

On another topic, tomorrow is the first day of school for Brian so if you all could send up some prayers for the first day and for a good year that would be great! He's teaching 2 algebra classes and 3 segmented math classes - which are classes that have to do with passing the state math test for those kids who didn't. And he's actually the most excited about these 3.