Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day Sales are Big!

Typically the Boxing day sales have been big in stores, but the online retailers don't want to miss out on the fun!  Many of them are starting their year end clearances now.  This is the time to shop ahead for next year!  Check out the details below.

*These are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if you shop through my links.  Thank you!

Tea Collection

It's the beginning of Tea Collection's End of Season sale.  They're clearing out the Argentina and Bolivia line to make way for the spring destination coming soon!  Everything Tea labeled is an extra 25% off marked prices with code ADIOS (aren't they cute?).  Sale runs from the 26th through the 30th.

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Hanna Andersson

This is THE big End of Season sale for Hanna Andersson and stuff will go fast, if it's not sold out already.  Up to 60% off everything!  Prices will be marked, no code needed.  Sale runs the 26th through January 7th, but I wouldn't wait!

Big Big Sale - Up to 60% off Kids & Baby Clothes


If you're not such a fan of the specialty kids' brands Gymboree has a great sale going on now as well.
This one started yesterday and only runs through tomorrow (the 27th) but it's up to 70% off everything online!  No code needed.

Gymboree Sale On Now!

And finally, if you got cute new stuff for Christmas or your kid has already lost a coat or something else at school this year, consider buying some Mabel's Labels so the lost things have a better chance of returning home!

Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels has clothing specific labels as well as labels for everything else you can think of and they are 50-70% off this week.  Everything is totally customizable and they even have custom books and other fun personalized items.  Sale runs from the 26th through January 4th.

Mabels Labels Boxing Day Sale

Happy Shopping! And hey, this year you don't have to leave your house and brave the stores!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

From our (wiggly) family to yours,

Yes, the reason we parents aren't on the card this year is because we didn't get a group shot that had all of us in focus at the same time!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

Well, these photos aren't the greatest, late evening light never is and I have no one home to take them for me anywhere else tonight. But when Stitch Fix offered a free styling fee a couple weeks ago I thought I'd give them another try. And wow, I have to say I'm really impressed with my stylist this time, Marissa did her best!

I was pretty specific in my comments and she said she read this blog, probably helpful if you're a stylist!  So let's get to it.

Sweater #1, would have been really cool in a different color.  I'm sure they have some limits to their options, but when you can't even tell that there are holes on the bodice where my skin shows through... yeah, probably not the greatest match.  Too close to skin tone.

I did specifically ask for mostly jewel tones, this one wasn't, but the rest of them were!

Shirt #2 was sooo soft that I really want to keep it, but the neckline is just a bit too high and after wearing it a few minutes it felt like it was trying to choke me.  It really rode up higher than these photos.  The hubby didn't love the shoulder patches and it's pretty obvious I could lose some weight while wearing this.

I also didn't love the price.  Sometimes I have really noticed that you get what you pay for, my kids clothes from Old Navy show wash wear after one wash while Tea and Hanna look brand new after multiple washes.  But with Stitch Fix it's kind of hit and miss on the quality.  So for the price on this one, not joining my closet.

Jacket #3

I really wanted to love this jacket just because it seems super in style while not being so out there that it would be out of style in 2 months.  However, once again the hubby really didn't love the lines of it.  And unfortunately I think the snap may have been placed too high because I could never get the underneath side of the collar to lay flat when it was snapped.  Bummer.

Sweater #4 I adore the color on and the fit was okay, but being 100% cotton it was too short.  One wash and this one would be showing my (fat) belly even when I wasn't lifting my arms.  Maybe short is in style now, but when you have a borderline long torso that doesn't work on me.  The arms were also very snug so again with the 100% cotton content it probably wouldn't fit long.

And finally dress #5, the keeper!  When your husband tells you it's the best dress he's ever seen on you... well, I guess you have to keep it!  There will definitely be some tacking going on because me and cross over front tops, well, we like to flash the world.

I have actually wanted a fun geo print dress for years, but never found one that I could stand the way it looked on me.  This one is lined and stretchy and I love it!  It's a bit on the short side for what I'm used to, but I don't think it's too short for once!  Now to find those knee high boots... it really stinks to have wide feet in size 11 and wide calves.

Once again I would have to say that I was super impressed by their choices this time.  I asked for no woven fabrics because they just don't give with my body and they listened!  And while the dress was probably a risk since I asked for winter tops, it was the clear winner!  Other than some minor issues with each piece (and the fact that this year has been a really heavy year for me) I might have to give this Fix option a few more tries.

What do you think of their choices this time around?  Here were my third and fourth fixes.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What I Think About... Giving

Yesterday, I washed my hands so many times and did so much laundry that my hands started to bleed all on their own.  I have a sick child and I'm hoping that the rest of my kids don't catch it.  It's the beginning of the sick Christmas season after all.

On Friday I went out shopping a bit (at a reasonable hour) and found a good deal on something I've been wanting to get for my girls' birthday in March.  I can afford it full price, but I got it half off.

Then I bought some clothes this weekend because they were also on sale.

None of these things did I think really hard about before I spent money.  None of it was extravagant, but none of it was absolutely necessary either.

And I have a warm house while it snows outside and a good washing machine to help me when my kids do get sick.  And this is all that I really need.

Today, is what's known as Giving Tuesday.  After we've spent all we want on ourselves some people have proposed we should maybe think of others.  And most of us will think really long and hard about just where we give our money, if we even give at all.

Is this a worthy cause?  Will they use my money well?  Where would it do the most good for the few dollars I can give?

All of these are good questions to ask of a charity, but sometimes we get so hung up on the asking, the verifying, that we forget that even we don't spend all our money wisely.

So today I'm wondering, what if we remembered that our money isn't really ours.  That we can be an amazing blessing to those in need.  That probably it won't even be a real sacrifice for us.

What if we remember that Christ came down and sacrificed everything, not so that we could live in plenty, but that we could live in joy and thanksgiving.  What if we let some of that flow out in tangible ways this Christmas season?

I admit, I'm not the greatest either, but when I remember I love to try and support businesses that are directly helping men and women, those who simply have less and could use our help.  Businesses like Ruhamah Designs (their jewelry is gorgeous) and Freeset bags (I love the simplicity and durability of my new sling purse!).  Gifts for friends? I'm absolutely sure you can find something through Come Together Trading Company. Or a fun monthly piece from the Mercy House's Fair Trade Friday subscription.

Some of these companies are even working with women who have been not just poor, but rescued from some of the worst fates and given a way out.  You can read more on the websites I've linked above.

And besides getting something with our giving, because sometimes, but not always, these items cost more than those made in China, what if we just gave?

Compassion International and World Vision and lots of other organizations let you sponsor a child.  What I've received in return are letters from a child in another part of the world.  A child who may not turn out perfectly, but who has a chance for a much better life through my minimal gift each month.

Or you can simply give a Christmas gift with no strings attached, no long term commitment, but a gift of the heart to a child or family in need.  Both Compassion and World Vision have giving catalogs.

There's also the Preemptive Love Coalition I learned about this summer working in the war torn areas of the Middle East, bringing the hands and feet of Love to those in need.

There are so many ways to enter in this season.  I've listed some of the organizations I love.  How will you join the Joy of Giving today?