Thursday, January 19, 2006

Falling off the face of the earth...

For those of you who think I've disappeared and are wondering why I haven't responded to your emails... some of you for months! I promise I'm still here and reading them. I honestly care about you, yes, I do! It's just that I seem to have caught everything that's come around in the last month. And it's not even from the kids at school! Who knew having friends could be so detrimental to your health! We did manage to get to Portland this weekend between illnesses and take in a Blazers game with Brian's grandparents. (Thanks Aunt Gayle) It was a very exciting game, right down to the wire... and I'm not sure but what the grandparents didn't enjoy it more than we did! :) Thanks also to Jason and Amber and their two lovely wet nosed greyhounds for housing us. Sorry I'm such a picky eater, Amber! The snow made us hurry back on Monday, but there were no major issues other than stupid drivers and we made it back in good time. For now I'm finally feeling better... I love you very much, but please don't come visit me if you're sick!

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