Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Student funnies...

I'm turning into my mother... I come home with crazy quotes that my students have written or said...

One of my advanced biology seniors wrote this on the final…

Question: How do your cells obtain energy?
Answer: They steal it from your heart and that’s why when you are old you get mean like old ladies because all their heart is stolen and hatred takes over.

The real answer is by cellular respiration and glucose :) Definately not as interesting though!

Another question asked how you could have a blue eyed child of two brown eyed parents.
The student wrote a whole long explanation of how the granparents could have had blue eyes and given the recessive trait to the father and then the child got 2 recessive traits to be blue eyed. And then he wrote: Or the second option is the child could have been adopted!
As if adopted kids don't have biological parents too!


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