Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bat Guano Adventure #2

What do you get when you combine a cave, a rock, and a head? 13 stitches!

So, last week's Bat Guano adventure was a bust because none of the students wanted to get up early enough to go visit a church a couple hours away and the barn apparently didn't have any bats. Reschedule for this week. One of the students' families owns some property on a hill side that has an old mine tunnel entrance in it. Take one teacher and four students and climb up a pile of mine tailings. One student knocks a rock loose. Another students yells, "rock" just in time for the teacher to look up and get beaned.
Good thing I was out shopping with a couple of my girlfriends because my parents left some pretty cryptic messages on the answering machine! Brian ended up in the ER and has what I call a zipper on the right side of his forehead going back up into his hair. He had a pretty good headache and came home with a piece of skull chipped off in a little container. Yuck!

I'm just glad I still have a husband!

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