Friday, October 20, 2006


Wow, our house (small apartment) has been busy the last couple weeks! First we had Brian's team leader from Mission Year, Angie, and her friend stay with us for one night. They are on a whirlwind tour of the US since her friend, Claire, is from the UK. They were headed for Glacier and then Yellowstone after us... hopefully they didn't get stuck in any snow storms as they were going to make it the day before Yellowstone closed for the season. And anytime after September is fair game for snow there! (actually any day of the year, but it's more probable then!)

Then last week my friend Molly came with her family. We were neighbors for a couple years way back in Clatskanie. She and her husband currently live in Juneau with their two adorable and quite energetic children, but they are planning on moving to Bolivia in January. They were on a support raising trip. Unfortunately on their second day here their mom's van broke down... and then the repair part was broken... and the dealership was supposed to be closed on Saturday. At the very last minute the mechanic came in on Saturday, a new part had arrived, and the manager called when they were at a rental car agency to say it was almost done. Good thing because it saved mom a trip up from Oregon to reclaim her van! And Adam and Molly made it to Clatskanie with "plenty" of time to prepare for his sermon the next morning and fly out of Portland Monday morning!
Along the way we had fun playing Settlers, watching Curious George in Spanish, playing trains with Elias, and hoping that Natasha wouldn't be allergic to anything in our house! Brian was the main attraction by taking them outside and throwing them up in the air. His height makes it quite the adventure for small ones! And I seriously hope my small one does not have as much energy first thing in the morning as Elias or I am going to be in major trouble!

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  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Sounds like Brian is getting good practice.


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