Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of floors and thunderstorms

This weekend we went to Seattle to help my college roommate, Wendy, and her husband with their new house. They are currently living between houses... I was helping pack and clean at the old house while Brian and Wendy's dad were mowing and figuring out how to put in a wood laminate floor at the new house. We did get quite a bit done over the weekend, including the whole floor in the master bedroom (that's the only place it's going) and it does look really nice.

There was a really pretty rainbow on Friday afternoon and then a crazy cool thunderstorm complete with hail on Sunday afternoon! They really do live out in the country - we got woken up by a rooster every morning and there are horses next to the backyard.

Of course the weekend wouldn't have been complete without a trip to IKEA... we even managed not to buy anything (other than lunch and cookies) although we did find a nice crib that we may purchase later.

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