Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Have Returned!

And hopefully if my new Photoshop arrives in the next few days I will have 2 months worth of pictures to show you soon! (apparently my version of CS is not compatible with Vista... go figure!)

Basically I calculated that since the 10th of July I had slept in my own bed for 12 nights... with one of that being a 6 night stretch and the rest being only 1 or 2 nights home before leaving again!

So, if I can get all my pictures sorted you will see some memories of:

A Corvette show weekend in Leavenworth
4 days in Cali with girlfriends, mainly at Disney
A Mom's Night Out
A few days in Olympia with Brian
A weekend in Portland

And finally a week at the beach at Newport and then 10 days in Oregon with the in-laws.

Not to mention that this weekend we had a family reunion with my mom's side of the family!

Whew. Have I mentioned lately that I'm tired? :)

All this and more coming to a blog near you... hopefully this week!

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  1. Ohh can't wait to see the pics :) I can bet why you've been tired!!


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