Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Months

Last night at my parents we "weighed" Mr. Noah with the Wii and it said 15.3 pounds.  I quite believe it because he is a chunk!  I can't carry him in the sling now for longer than a quick trip into the store because it hurts my shoulder. 

Hooray for the Ergo!

Especially since he is waaaaay more of a "hold-me" baby than Cory was.  I seriously can't put him down for more than about 10 minutes (although that's an improvement over 30 seconds!) before he's screaming.

He is super expressive though and will "talk" to you if you look him in the face and smile at him.  I got an awesome video of him talking to my dad yesterday, but will have to get it off their camera and try to post it later.
He's super strong, doing baby push-ups and if you hold his hands he can stand up on his own, although he's adorably bow-legged!

People think he looks like Cory, but I'm not so sure... he's his own person and I'm glad!

He's still very much a puke-boy, but I will take that over poo explosions any day.  Yes, I will be the mom out in public with spit-up on her shirt since I have already used the spare!

I'm also glad that he's sleeping for pretty good stretches at night and generally goes right back to sleep after eating.  Now if I could just get myself to bed earlier and wish Cory didn't wake up so early...

But today is also that last day of school so Brian will be home for the summer.  Hooray!


  1. the second one grows up so fast! I remember thinking, your smiling at me?? Didn't I just have you?

  2. 3 months already? I can't believe it.

    Hooray for the ERGO indeed! I still use mine often - and my baby is 15-months-old! :)


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