Friday, February 18, 2011

11 Months

Eleven months old already and time to think about what we're going to do for his first birthday!  I have a feeling it will not be a big shindig like Cory's... poor second child!  I think we're actually going to combine them since they are only 10 days apart and Grandparents are coming from Oregon for a weekend.

Mister wouldn't sit in the chair for me this month so I tried to put the bunny up on the chair and have him stand by it... NOT!  He pulled the bunny off and then when I tried to put it back up he quickly realized this was a fun game.  So I just went with it and he was cackling he thought it was so funny.  The pictures turned out pretty cute!

Anyway, not too much is gigantically new this month.  No new teeth, no consistent signing, although perhaps it's just a Mama knowing her baby, but Noah can definitely communicate with me.  Mostly it's squawking, but I know what he needs at certain times.

He also knows what we're saying as we've taught him to stay out of the kitchen (line between carpet and linoleum) and he will test it.  When we say "Noah, get out of the kitchen" he will sometimes move, sometimes sit there and look at you until you take a step towards him.  Then he will hightail it out because he knows he shouldn't be in there!  It's kind of funny except that he's pushing the boundaries already... both of them, what am I going to do?!!

This evening I was giving Cory a haircut and Brian was doing the dishes and so even though he was 2 feet from me he couldn't stand it that he wasn't allowed in the kitchen.  When he crawled in again and Brian told him to get out he just laid down on his face and started wailing.  It was so pathetic, but it was actually kind of funny.  I promise we do spend plenty of time with him in the living room where he can be with us!

Sometimes if I take something away from him that he really wants (cell phone?) he will just stare at me and yell at me.  It's not a cry, he's actually yelling at me.  And if that doesn't work he will actually try to bite me!  At that point he gets a little time out in his crib where he is angry for a few minutes and then calms down and I go get him.  He does play bite sometimes where it's more of an open mouth kiss and very sweet.  But he's still learning that it's not okay to actually bite someone.  A bit of that red hair coming out perhaps.

Both of my boys seem to be going through a growth spurt or something, they want to eat constantly and about double what I was used to feeding them!  Noah has discovered his brother's love of bananas.  So, if Cory wants one for breakfast and I start peeling it I'd better give half of it (in chunks) to Noah!  It's one of the few foods that I can get in small pieces and he can still pick up.  So I'm sure half of it is that he's getting to feed himself, but tonight I also had a half in my hand on the floor and said "Noah".  When he saw what I had he crawled right over to me and up in my lap and started taking bites off of it.
When Cory was a bit older than Noah is now we would have him in our bed in the morning and pretty quickly he would sit up and make the sign for banana.  Every morning.  We go through at least a dozen bananas a week around here!

And while these boys always seem to want the one toy that the other one is playing with at the moment they really do get along pretty well.  They talk and giggle at each other while in bed and just generally want to be together all the time.  Yay for brothers!

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  1. Such sweet photos! I especially like that last one - how cute that they are looking at each other.

    P.S. Both of our girls LOVE bananas too. Sometimes they'll eat 3 or 4 in one sitting.


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