Thursday, September 22, 2011

18 Months

Eighteen months must mean "have as much energy as possible and wear Mama out" because that's pretty much what's happening around here!  This kid has had more scrapes on his knees than Cory ever did.  I think it's a combination of trying to keep up with big brother and not quite having the balance/coordination thing down 100%.

But he sure is cute while he's doing it!

The Noah

And with this kind of movement?  I didn't even bother trying to get him to hold still with the bunny for pictures!  I'm half amazed the above picture even turned out because while it may look posed he was actually running and I was tracking him with my camera and calling his name to get him to look at me...

Look Mama, chalk!

Have I mentioned he likes to climb?  Just this evening we found him: on top of his laundry basket, on top of the 2 drawer dresser in their room, calling for "Daa" to come and either look at him or help him get down.  Oy!

I realized just the other day that most of the words he says only have the first consonant and then have intonation to finish out the word.  Pretty much the only ones that get other consonants are if they are repeated; Mama, Nana, and Bu-bu (which stands for various things including blankie, blueberries, and milk depending on the situation).
Speaking of milk... the little guy weaned himself last week.  It was rather abrupt and bittersweet.  He just rolled away from me and started crying when I tried to nurse him.  He wanted to get down and play.  I had been sometimes having to convince him to nurse and other times he would ask for it.  But at this point, I think he was just done and I guess that's okay.

Doing everything Big Brother does

Other words that are fairly recognizable:
Dar - Car
Duck - Truck
Meow - Cat
Woo woo - Train
Baa - Ball
Meh - Mess
Uh oh
Bru-oh - Brother
 (and all the other family names he's got down pretty well)
Nak - Snack
Eh - Egg
Wa-a - Water
Moe - More
Ba-ma-ma - Banana (can you tell this is a favorite food?)

There are more, but I've not been keeping track and can't think of them all now.  Many of these are also helpful because pointing accompanies the sound.  He also makes many of the correct animal noises which is fun!  Oh, and when the neighbors dog came to greet us he announced "Mah!" and the dog's name is Max.  I was quite impressed by that one!

He also calls himself "baby" whenever he wants something.  He will point at what you have and say "baby, baby" because he wants to make sure you don't forget to give some to the baby.

Throwing rocks at the park

We got out the large size diapers this month, which fit much better!  And he's wearing all 24 months/2T clothing and some of that is starting to get small.  He also helps me dress him, which is very fun!  I haven't measured him lately, but he loves to stand on the scale in the bathroom (while I'm going of course) and so I know he weighs 30 pounds now.

My Noah is a cheerful friendly little guy, but with a little bit of separation anxiety.  He's very much still a Mama's boy and I think I'm okay with that!


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Pretty darn cute at 18 months! Nana loves her Noah! :)

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Sign him up for Lil' Kickers!! Let him channel that energy and develop his motor skills at the same time!

  3. Well, he IS cute while he's wearing you out. Gotta give him that! =)


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