Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Baby girls are actually almost 9 1/2 months old now, but there's a good reason we're so late... On the 15th we were on a plane...

 Joy and Papa

And while I had actually intended to take pictures a day early and had the update info mostly done, I had 2 puking children and a bout of mastitis that landed me in the walk-in twice in less than 12 hours for IV antibiotics.  Than a mad packing rush and a trip to Seattle at night to catch an 8:30am plane the next morning!

So here's the update!

Hope just chillin' with Daddy

The day after they turned 8 months old we put together the second crib and they are now sleeping in their own beds other than a few times for naps and such.  They don't seem to mind not being together and they can still see and hear each other across the room.

They both have two teeth all the way in and I suppose we'll be seeing some more pretty soon.

Hope is clapping her hands a ton and anytime Nana or Grandma pick her up she thinks she's going to play Patty Cake and starts clapping.  Very adorable.

She has also finally mastered the crawling although she's not quite as fast as Joy and still gets frustrated if I don't pick her up, but expect her to crawl over to me.

Both my girls are definitely Mama's girls.  Neither likes to be second to nurse, but they deal with it okay as long as they aren't extremely hungry or overtired.  Joy will stand at my knee and pat me while I'm nursing Hope.

If I sit down on the floor in their general vicinity within a minute I will have become the baby climbing gym.  I sit there for awhile and play, or read stories, and eventually they will go off and find toys to play with.  I can then get up and do things, but not for too long without other people to distract them or soon they are at the baby wall and clamoring for attention!

They do alright with other people holding them, but if I walk by and don't acknowledge them or say something they will zero in on me and fuss a bit.

In the last month or so it's as if the girls have switched personalities.  Now it's Hope that hates to be put in her carseat and cries when we do.  She's the one who has become the total Mama's girl and cries if I pick up Joy and not her.  Just 2 or 3 months ago it was exactly the opposite and now Joy is much more independent.  So funny!

Babies on a cruise ship

More on the cruise later...


  1. Krista, I can't imagine having to nurse two babies! You are such a rock star! I love the expression of the girls, they are always so happy!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Great picture of Papa and Joy. Wishing you could block out the sour puss Nana in the background! :)

  3. Can't wait to hear about your cruise!! Beautiful family!


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