Monday, February 18, 2013

11 Months Old!

Daddy was not enough of a distraction for the girls this time.  They were having none of this sitting still to take bunny pictures business!

Little popcorn girls, first one, then the other!

They girls have been sick, well, we all have, so they were kind of cranky when I tried to take their picture as it was just before nap time.  Oh the things we do to try and get good lighting... Ah well, must use the flash later!

The girls each have two more teeth this month. Hope got hers first, the two on the top. They are parallel to the front teeth which is kind of odd... set back a bit, but not in the curve that your mouth normally has. I see braces in our future... 
I was then waiting for Joy to get the top ones and one day I realized that now she has 2 more on the bottom.  Silly girls, taking turns!

They are eating more regular people food and woe to you if you are eating something near them and not sharing!  I don't know their measurements this month, but I've started pulling out the 12 month clothes and replacing some of the 9 month clothes.  Not all of them because these girls take after Cory and the 12 month pants, while necessary in length, will just fall off them at the waist!

Sisters were much more interested in anything except Mama taking the pictures this time.

What did you want me to do with this bunny?

He's not nearly as interesting as the people in my life!

Yes, we have very social girls. I often have to just stay in the other room if I want to accomplish anything because they will wail if they see me and are not being picked up or in any way able to touch me!

We tried sitting in the plant stand/bookcase, but of course with Mama in reach they wouldn't stay!

Hope has now started standing on her own for short periods of time. They are both getting much more confident and we'll see if they are walking by next month! They will take a step or two between things, especially if what they want is me!

I finally managed to get them to sit still by giving them some toys to play with...

Sisters really like these cups that we have and have discovered that they can put one inside the other.  They also work well as drums to be banged together!

Really, the best toys are not toys at all.  They don't play with the baby toys, but prefer to chew on brothers' Matchbox cars. They also like to look out the front window and watch the world go by. And bang.

They really enjoy books though, especially ones with real pictures of other babies in them!  They like to turn the pages themselves.

And now on to planning a first birthday party!

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