Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Three, another milestone, and you're growing up so fast Noah!

You have a very distinct personality and you are very independent, but still want to snuggle Mom all the time.  You are my little helper and always so concerned when someone gets hurt.  You have a very tender heart. 

You're getting better at staying with Nana and Papa and not being sad, but you'll always be my boy.  You even sometimes want me to do things for you rather than Daddy.  I think it might be because I have to give so much attention to your sisters.  But you know I love you and you always tell me back, I love you too, Mom.

You are by far the loudest one in the house!  We called you our "loud lemon" for awhile, but you are getting a little better at listening when we ask you to talk quietly inside.  Although you would much prefer to be outside, even for a few minutes while I get sisters loaded up into the car.  You are off fighting the "bad guys" with your sword or the bat.

You love going places, especially to church, and must wear your "special" shirt, pictured here, since everyone else does.  Not even a collared shirt is good enough, it must have buttons!

You've just about figured out how to get yourself buckled and un-buckled in the car, which is helpful sometimes, as long as you remember not to do it when we're driving!

You like music, but not always in the car, and especially not too loud in the house.  I guess you want to be the loudest one around!

You got your own special Lego kit this year and are having so much fun with it!  You are even learning to follow the directions with some help.  Pretty impressive for a three year old!

You can dress yourself and put on your own shoes, although sometimes you'd rather have me do it.  And we're having pretty good success on the potty too.

You want to do everything that big brother does and get sad when he is gone.  I sometimes forget that you're "only" three because you do so much on your own.  You're built a little differently than he is, but still just about as big!  38 pounds and 39 inches tall wearing size 11 shoes!

You know a lot of your letters and are starting to write your own name.  You like to paint and play with playdoh and pretend all kinds of things.

It's still occasionally hard to understand you, but your words are getting much clearer and the few things that you do mispronounce are pretty cute anyway!  You can say all the sounds just fine, but you switch letters in words, lots of things get T's in them that aren't normally there!  You also reference baby sisters as "she" for everything.  As in, "I woke she up" and "I fell into she's car seat".

You are so caring about other people.  You love to sing Happy Birthday to anyone, even on the phone.  And you always want to talk on the phone, no matter who I'm talking to!

You are so fun loving, my little blondie - I can't wait to see what life brings your way!

Happy Birthday Little Man!

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