Sunday, December 01, 2013

20 and a Half Months

We have been the house of sick this month, and especially this past week.  No fun, no fun at all.  So, here is a very late update on the girls.

Trying to get these girls to sit, even for a second, for bunny pictures was next to impossible.  Here I gave them their hair brushes to try and distract them.  They are my little fashionistas, but it didn't work, they just threw them on the floor!

They really know when I'm trying to take pictures of them and just don't want to sit for me!  Hope would NOT sit up straight.  As soon as I sat her up and backed away she would slouch down on purpose!

I tried to get them to interact with the bunny... this was the result...

Joy grabs the bunny...

Hope steals the bunny and Joy yells about it...

Joy steals the bunny back (complete with smirk)...

Hope yells about it.

Then they came to some peace about it and looked at me for half a second...

This.  This is how they feel about me taking their photo!

A shot of the adorable ruffle skirts because they are almost too small already!

And yes, the biggest issue when I'm taking pictures is that the girls, especially Hope, want to "I see" the pictures, even if I haven't even taken one yet!

So I tried to contain them in their room... and Hope was showing off her monkey skills by climbing the end of the crib.

In the last 2 weeks they have started parroting back so much.  They don't say as much on their own, but are starting to name a few things without prompting.  It's very cute, but Brian asks me what I'm going to do when they start talking for real... I don't know!  They say things like apple, and Cory, and Noah - which are exceptionally cute!  They've learned a few more signs, especially "cracker", but the words to go with them too so I don't know that we'll need the signs too much longer.  They can make themselves known now!  When you ask them a question and their response is yes they say "ah shoe" which I think actually comes from Noah saying "sure" to things.  Hope started it and Joy has just recently picked it up.

Before "the sick" of this past week they weighed in around 27 pounds each and at Old Navy last week I measured them as just under 32 inches each.  Roundly in the 18-24 month clothing range there, which is really 18 months in most other brands.

The girls LOVE to get dressed (and undressed, and dressed again) and so I think we will have to find some dress-up clothes soon.  For now they mostly just take their clothes off, attempt to put them back on and when that fails, run around naked.  At least they keep their diapers on!  But when we are going out somewhere or if they want help they will back up to me and put their arms out backwards for me to put on their coats.  Super cute of course.

Miss "I know you're trying to take my picture" Hope

They're still kind of, what would I call it, finicky eaters?  They'll eat something one day and then throw it on the floor the next.  Although there are some things that always get eaten, beans being at the top of that list!  They will now ask for spoons and are starting to get pretty good with them.  Although halfway through the meal the food usually ends up dumped on the tray and the bowl on the floor.

Baths are still a favorite activity, but a close second is going to sit on the potty.  I bought a second one and we have had some success.  I'm not pushing it, but it's so nice to see a future without diapers in it!  Hope will often ask to go to the potty and then Joy will follow.  Whether or not either of them actually does anything is a different story!

They are very aware of what's going on around them.  When the trains go by and whistle they stop whatever they are doing and go "woo woo".  They wave to the cars that go by outside and say "hi" to all the people in the grocery store!

This is Hope's "I see?" look

They love the hair pretties hanging on the wall, but I can't get any of them to stay in longer than about 2 minutes.  I love these pictures though because I especially think Joy looks like me as a little girl in the above one.  Not sure what it is about having her hair up that does it!

They are busy busy girls and growing up so fast!

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  1. Oh they are adorable!! I love the bunny grabbing pics!


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