Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Twenty-two months

Where do I even start?  I guess I shouldn't have been calling them my little monkeys these past few months because they are starting to live up to their names!  I got only a couple of even half decent photos with the bunny this month so I present you a random snapshot of life with twins from the last couple weeks...

They know they're not supposed to be in the kitchen... but they come in all the time.  And how can you resist little girls in tutus who want to see what's cooking?

When you say it's time to eat (and sometimes when you don't) they run in, climb up in their chairs, and buckle themselves in saying "buckle, buckle" if they need help or if it's not meal time and they are now stuck!

This was a non-meal time buckle and then big brother decided to read them a story!

Another forbidden location is the laundry room (through the kitchen), but since they have learned how to open doors now (help me!) and that was the first one, they are quite keen to help me and Noah with his job of collecting the dirty laundry for me to wash.  Although in this case it's clean laundry going onto my bed to be sorted.

They have discovered that if the boys door is open they can run in and flip themselves over the rail into Noah's bed.  They lay down and demand "banket" to be covered up so they can pretend to sleep!  Here's hoping they like that idea just as much when we let them have big girl beds... which is probably coming soon considering how well they have mastered climbing... they just haven't figured out that they CAN get out of their cribs yet!


They love books, but won't sit still through much reading right now.  Hope for some reason loves this little Elmo book and carries it around with her all the time and gets very upset when her sister picks it up pointing and yelling "Eh-mo!"

On reading: We had (yes, it got over loved and is now gone) a counting book.  On page 2 there are two piglets eating apples.  On page four there are four fish.  For some reason when we get to page four and I ask what they are the girls like to say "apple!" and laugh hysterically.  Now when you want them to name something and they want to be silly they call it an apple.  It is of course adorably cute.

They will finally let me put tiny ponytails in and leave them alone.  Not so much any other hair clips, but at least they aren't brushing their hair out of their eyes every 10 seconds anymore.

I sort of got their attention by asking them to point to all the parts of bunny's face.  Then I tried bribing them with chocolate (mini M&M's).  That only lasted so far as they could ask for more... that's the finger motion here.

And then Hope was done.  Joy was willing to climb up again and put the bunny in the right place, but she wanted to sit in her sister's spot!

They do play together and when they aren't fighting over the same toys or hitting each other with them I will find them like this.  Or hear them giggling and find they are having a tea party and feeding each other out of the tea cups with the spoon.

When we are sitting anywhere we must have a "banket" to stay warm!  I think they got that from me always needing a blanket in the morning when I would nurse them, coming from my warm bed to sit on the couch!  And, in another milestone I have decided that we are done nursing.  Twenty two months is a good long time and it was starting to hurt a little again.  I don't miss that, just the snuggling.  Although Joy did come up to me tonight and say "nuggle?"  Of course she needed a banket to keep us warm!

As you can tell the girls are talking more and more although they often swap out the first consonant of one word for another so you need a bit of context to know what they are saying!

Joy - "Nammies" for Jammies and "Shoo-ha" for Shoe and other words that she can't quite pronounce get an extra "ha" on the end!
Says I love you - the only way you know is that she matches your inflection and says it when you say it because it really sounds like "I ya ya"
I often say "there you go" when we're done with something or I get them something and she will sometimes say it if I don't "aye ya go"

Hope - "Pockle" for Pretzels
Is a little bossy and will say "Shhh, quiet!" when her sister is screaming and also tell her to "get down" when she's climbed up somewhere she shouldn't be... like on top of the filing cabinet in their room!
Says "ah, man!" just like Cory
Says "happy" when you give her something she wants/likes.  Usually in reference to food.
Hope loves "truck!"s and points them out all the time.

Both make some animals sounds, the cutest being "foof foof" for dogs! Others - meow, quack, ribbit, moo, and of course the trains go woo woo.

We've also discovered the joy of "sticker!" in the past week.  Although they still like to chew on them and that renders them un-sticky!

Speaking of climbing above... the other night I was painting a little in their room and Joy pushed the rocking chair (the lighter one) up to the dresser next to me.  She then climbed up, put her fingers on top and her toes on one of the drawer edges and was up at eye level with me checking out the top of the dresser.  Oy!

The sisters are outgrowing their 18 month clothes and wearing a lot of 24M and some 2T clothes, but of course not in pants.  Those just fall off.  They like undressing themselves and trying to "re-dress" themselves.  Hope is better at it right now often getting her shirt back on with head and arms in the appropriate holes, but sometimes inside out and/or backwards!

And there is a dress that is in my mom's family... her cousin has it and we were going to have the girls take photos in it while we were gathered after New Year's, but I got a little sick and we forgot.  So she mailed it to me and I just managed to squeeze the girls into it.  I wore it at 18 months so I'm lucky they are a little small for their age!

Here's me...


and Joy...

My sister in law got me a reflector for Christmas so I used it to take these.  I love how it changes the lighting, but I need a little more practice to not get hot spots!  Should have used the white side rather than the silver I think, but I have limited time to mess with things when it comes to two wiggly girls!

Each weigh just under 27 pounds and I think they're right around 32 inches based on measuring them in Old Navy last month on the wall chart.

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  1. Allison11:36 PM

    I love the pics of the girls in the "family dress"- and they do look so much like you!


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