Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toothless Wonder

It's been rough this winter at our house.  A couple weeks ago we had more puking.  The kind that makes you wonder if you'll be visiting the ER in the middle of the night if they don't stop soon.

When that finally seemed to pass I was out by myself foraging for sustenance, when Brian called me home because "Joy broke her tooth and there's blood everywhere" as I can hear much wailing in the [not so] background.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized no, she didn't break her tooth, it was completely gone.  She fell off a chair at the table while coloring and my best guess is she caught it on the edge of the table on the way down.  And we never found it.  I think she swallowed it and we didn't check too carefully for that.

Story time that night... and close up of the poor mouth.  The lip on the side where the other tooth remains was very torn up.

I took her in to the dentist in the morning for an x-ray to be sure everything else was fine.  She was a champ.  So as I posted on Facebook... you'll be able to tell the twins apart for the next 5 or so years...

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