Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Broken

For those of you who aren't on Facebook (hi Wendy!) but check the blog religiously, yes, this week has not gone according to plan.

Sunday afternoon at a birthday party at a local gymnastics place my little one was just trying to stay out of her big brother's way and fell off the side of a trampoline.  I'm sure it sounds much worse than it was, she jumps off things that high at home all the time, it's just this was a fall and she wasn't ready for it.

Hairline fracture just below the knee, but not in the growth plate at all.  So today she got to pick a pretty purple cast (which she will have for the next 6 weeks) and here we go.


  1. Poor girl!

    But then again, she is yours and Brian's daughter, what else should you expect?

    P.S. Hi back.

  2. Poor thing! I couldn't imagine!!! My 9 year old spent the entire summer with his arm in a splint or a cast... sprain, then fracture, then sprained it again...and then again about a month ago! Luckily it was his left hand, and then also being 9 he can understand to not use it and it was just his arm...

    But I couldn't imagine my 4 year old in a leg cast. I think by the end of a week I'd end up in the loony bin! My sympathies to you...but I love the color she chose!

  3. Oh no! Hope it heals in no time.

    P.S. Super pretty color! She has good taste.


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