Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: First Days of School

Due to mom being out of the country, these are a bit late.

School actually started last Wednesday for this guy, third grade!  Hat tip to dad for taking the first day of school photos.

He says he's enjoying it so far!

Noah was also supposed to start school last week, but due to very tragic circumstances he actually didn't start until yesterday.

Yes, this is pretty much what life looks like around our house!

We had to find a new school for Noah on short notice (and from another country), but thankfully this one hadn't actually started so he was able to begin with all the other kids yesterday.

There are a couple kids there from his old school and it's a place he's familiar with.  He already told me he likes being there with some older kids too!

Officially a kindergartner and so excited for school!

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  1. Oh dear, what tragedy? And where were you? And what country is his school in? So many questions, friend!


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