Monday, November 16, 2015

Girl quotes

The girls always say, "Mom, I want to tell you a question" and I'm never quite sure if it will be a statement or a question!

Hope sings "head and shoulders, peas and toes".

The boys think they're being sneaky by asking for "C A N D Y" but the girls have quickly figured out what that means so now they ask for "C N D Y" too. 

Our neighbors put up giant blow up characters for the holidays. The turkey went up now that it's November and the girls love it. Today when we got home from picking brother up at school they wanted to get out and go touch it. I said no, because it was raining and Joy said,  "Aw, but I want to snuggle the chicken!"

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  1. You'll be so glad you have these memories written down for later. Very funny and sweet.


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