Wednesday, June 01, 2016

On Weekends with Friends in Idaho

You know you're a parent when you spend a weekend with friends and out of 100 photos you end up with 2 that have any adults in them!  Sorry friends, but at least our kids are cute!

After I got over my fear of the girls being outside with no fences or boundaries (and they kind of learned where to stay) they had a blast.  So nice to have fun things in the neighbors yard that you are allowed to play on!

Boys building things...

They have a really cool dirt bike track at the park in town, right near the playground and the neighbor also loaned us bikes for the boys.

The lake on the way home.  I could live with a view like this often!

The girls also spent as much time as possible driving this jeep around... heaven help me in 12 years!

As mentioned, what happens when you get two dads together who love science and nerdy things?

Dry ice of course!

with soap.

 And then we went to Silverwood on Memorial Day and the weather was perfect!

And we didn't lose anyone for more than a minute and we all had fun... except when we were scared of the rides!

The girls first ever real rides!  They loved the airplane!

Not so much this frog hopper which I made them watch our friends go on first and they still wanted to ride... I didn't take a picture after they started screaming when it was falling and bouncing!

Two 9 year olds, an 8 year old, two 6 year olds, and two 4 year olds.  Wheee!

 Brian went on this Panic Plunge three times and the last time their girls went with him!  The younger one was not so happy with her choice!

In the meantime I took Cory on the Sky Rider and he would have been okay, but they put us on, took us to the top and stopped for another car to load and he freaked out over the height.  Bummer.

Noah also got his freak out moment earlier when Brian took him and Cory on the wooden roller coaster and it was a bit much for him!

Then we rode the 101 year old train, more everyone's speed.

The last time I was at Silverwood this train was the ONLY ride they had here!

Official train robbery in progress!

I remembered it being a bit more "authentic", but perhaps that's my 7ish year old memory, although the kids sure weren't scared this time either.

They said they would "blow up" the train because we all had pictures of them, but their "dynamite" fell into the well and just blew water all over the train instead.

Through the "fairy woods" it really was a nice train ride.

Then promised dessert, what a motley crew!

When you are six and eat caramel apples...

We have made this visit twice and hopefully we can make it more of an annual event.  We miss our friends and the kids get along so well.  Thanks for being such great hosts!

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