Sunday, March 29, 2015


My oldest. Some days you seem so much older than eight and other days I can't believe you're this old already! Where does the time go? (oh yeah, to your little sisters!) You're so great with them!  Now you just have to learn to tell them apart!

This year hasn't worked out for me to be in his classroom nearly as much as I'd hoped.  And maybe he's getting too old for that, or his teacher is, he was ALWAYS happy to see me!

When I showed up with the birthday treats they were playing with things that spin.  Quite fun!

A little birthday song from the class complete with "cha cha cha's".  Cory has been doing well in school, as long as he's not being social with his neighbors!  This one likes to talk, a lot!  I'm thinking he got that gene from his daddy.

I'm glad he's super curious about the world though.  One of his favorite radio shows is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR.  And if he's in the car I have to turn off the fade so he can hear it in the back.  We talk about the things that we hear on the news and I'm glad that he wants to understand.

I think we have the makings of a tradition.  Chocolate covered marshmallow treats for birthdays!  Super easy to make, unique, and a hit with the class!  This year I took pictures so I'll put up a little tutorial for you on Monday.

There was no skiing with Nana to be had this year since our snow was awful.  But he's gone mini-golfing this weekend and had a special day with Nana and Papa.

Last week Noah requested salad for his birthday dinner and when I described chef's salad he didn't want that, but Cory decided he did.  So chef's salad for dinner last night.  I have two boys under 10 and they both requested salad for their birthday dinner...!

Last time we measured he was 4'7", up to my shoulder, and his feet are already bigger than Nana's!

This boy is unique in his own way and I love him for it!  Happy Birthday Cory!

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  1. Perfect choice for a birthday dinner! Salad is a favorite around here too.


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