Thursday, July 06, 2006

4th of July

View from Saddle Rock

So I convinced Brian and another couple from our Bible study that we needed to hike up to Saddle Rock to watch the fireworks. What I neglected to convey to them was that it was about an hour hike pretty much straight up! OJ almost didn't make it, but we got there in plenty of time to eat our KFC and then watch the fireworks. Michelle and Andrew and their 2 dogs made it up just before the show as they didn't start with us. It is a very cool view, but the fireworks were a long ways away! We had some natural fireworks too across the river and above the ridges.

The show was nice and then afterwards some guys showed up and started lighting off Roman Candles. We were on a little tiny rocky ridgeline with super dry brush and grasses all around us. All I was thinking was "get me off here before they start a fire". Almost immediately a giant spot light was trained on us from somewhere down in town and I wondered if the police would be waiting for us when we got down! They weren't, but I was also really glad no fires started!

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