Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Camera, Yay!

We got our camera replaced by the school and it came last week. Yay! Now I can take lots of pictures and post them easier... case in point, we've already taken 500 pictures! Good thing we don't use film anymore!
This post could also be called the Many Faces of Cory!

Checkin' out the world from Grandma's shoulder

The typical face that mom and dad see...

Rayna is almost 3 months older than Cory...
his feet are the same size as hers and so is he, almost!
She just weighs a little more!

Cory likes being "frogman" with Grandpa!
Look at me mom, I've got a mohawk!

Cory and the new book that Grandpa brought from the Aquarium in Boston.
He was totally enthralled with the cover!

Allison and Joel

All of Brian's family came for Mother's Day. We had Cory dedicated at church and it was a busy weekend!

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