Monday, May 07, 2007

The difference a few days makes...

So 10 days ago I was doing okay, then I went to the ER with a gall bladder attack. 4 days ago I had my gall bladder out. I seriously hope this is the end of after pregnancy weirdness because I've had my fair share I think...
Although I would say having the gall bladder out was probably easier than giving birth... other than the fact that it took them 3 times to get the IV in right and now I have nasty bruises. And Cory likes to wiggle and kick his mommy in the tummy...

Here are some "not so new" pictures now that I finally got all the pictures off the camera and on my computer.

Oh, and my dad is officially retiring the end of May! So, no more commuting to Longview! And he might even be Cory-care if I decide to go back to work next fall...

First bath in the baby bath tub - after the umbilical cord fell off

He actually likes baths, although after this first one we took out the little froggy sling thing because it kept him up out of the water and he got cold.

4 generations!

Cory's favorite place to sleep again... and he likes to hug Daddy!

One of the weekly "growing" pictures. "I like my elephant!"

Look Mom, now I am almost as big as the bunny!

And this is how Mom gets a little more sleep in the mornings...


  1. I tell you that that picture of Brian and baby is what life is all about. I think it may very well be what we are born for.

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Hey Daughter,

    I loved watching you sleep as a baby and I think this is the most adorable photo. I love watching you and Cory together.



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