Monday, June 23, 2008

How Much Does It Cost You To Eat?

I'm thinking of my monthly "budget" and I'd say we spend between 10 and 15% of our income on food. We don't eat extravagantly, but we do eat well.

Now imagine spending 80% of your income on food. On the bare minimum to get by.

This is what's being called the Global Food Crisis.

I'm sure you've noticed that the price of food has gone up due to the price of fuel going up. (well, and a few other things like natural disasters and such) Maybe it's affected you, maybe it hasn't. To be honest, it hasn't really affected us that much.

I'm wondering when it will.

When will it affect me that more and more people around the world are starving every day?

Mothers who are going without food so their children can have a bite to eat. Fathers who are working longer hours and being able to buy less food. (if the family is even intact)

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. How can I help feed millions of starving people?

I can be a better steward of the resources I have for one. I can pay attention to those in my own community that need help (local food pantries anyone?)

And I can give to Compassion's Global Food Crisis Fund.

Donations to the fund will provide:
• food vouchers to children and families needing immediate relief.
• seeds and agricultural tools so that families can grow their own food as well as earn extra income.
• supplemental nutrition services offered at Compassion-assisted centers around the world.

I made some money this month. That's where some of it is going.

Would you also consider joining us tomorrow, June 25th, for a day of prayer and fasting for those in need? Pray about how you can participate and pray for those whose lives depend on the compassion of others.

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  1. Brian Seay (who works for Compassion International) is our 40 Day Fast blogger tomorrow and he has written an incredible post. I hope you'll check it out.


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