Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Walk for Life

It seems there's a walk for just about everything nowadays. Cancer is the big one, but there are lots of others as well.

Here in Wenatchee we're going to have our own walk next weekend and I'm participating. What am I walking for? Life of course!

More specifically I'm walking to help support our local crisis pregnancy center. I've mentioned before that I work for them off and on.

They are a really neat ministry whose goal is to support moms in any stage of their pregnancy that need help. The biggest service is pregnancy testing, but they also offer ultrasounds, parenting classes, support, and a program where you can earn baby gear (brand new and really useful stuff like cribs and car seats!).

And the biggest thing of all, everything is free to the women who come in, no strings attached.

Which is why we are walking to support them! My goal is to raise $500, but I'm not sure I'll make it. If you would like to support me and this center please contact me: teacherkrista at gmail dot com



  1. What a wonderful cause to walk for. I hope it's a huge success!


  2. what a great cause, best of luck in meeting your goal!

  3. That is a good cause! Good luck on your walk.


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