Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner with Grandma

Yesterday was a holiday... and Brian went skiing with my mom. I was in a funk so when they got home and he was leaving for Bible study my mom offered to take me and Cory out for hamburgers. We went to Red Robin. Fun times!

Sometimes I forget to eat during the day - or really, I'm just too lazy to fix anything for myself, so I was really hungry! Cory ate all the strawberries out of my strawberry lemonade and then had chicken and noodles with melon. The melon was the hit and we even asked for a third piece...

This was taken with my cell phone and emailed to myself so please excuse the poor quality. It was just too cute to pass up though!

He loved the balloons and I think we'll have to go back on one of the nights when the Red Robin himself is there!


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