Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vacation Fun

After all the craziness of Christmas and a house full of people we had a few more relaxing days.

Monday with Grandma and Aunt Cindy going out for "tea".

Tuesday going to dinner at some friend's house who have a little boy just a couple months older than Cory. That was fun! Two boys in the bath... trouble!

My son is a CHEESE BALL!

Nothing special for New Year's. Yeah, we're boring now that we're parents!

Thursday we watched The Devil Wears Prada. Interesting and yet so sad to me that people would put such high stock in the outside and be so mean on the inside... at least I was happy for the main character in the end!

Cory and Grandpa playing with an abacus a friend made for
Grandma some years back when they were in Saudi.

Okay, I just have to say... I got this swimsuit/lifejacket off of FreeCycle (for free obviously) and a complete package (minus 1) of swim diapers in Cory's size! What a perfect find for swimming in Grandpa's pool! Cory LOVES swimming so it was perfect!

Special dinner on Friday night was Brian's Christmas present. Scallops and cous cous, salad and Harry and David's pears. Yum!

Of course I was more interested in the fun contrast of the place settings we used! Playing with my camera!

We left Saturday morning and the sun was really bright (for the first time all week!) and Cory was complaining. We couldn't do much about it so finally he pulled his blankie up over his head. A few minutes later I realized... there was no noise coming from the back seat! He was so worn out from all the playing that he took a nice morning nap in the car!

And then it took me a week at home to recover! =)

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  1. Look like a fun little vacation! What pretty plates :)


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