Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayer Requests

I got an email yesterday, forwarded to me from my parents, about a family friend. He had just been up this weekend visiting and when he got home and went in for his annual physical on Monday they found a 10cm aneurysm in the aorta in his stomach. The doctors had never heard of one this big before, they usually rupture at just over 5cm. So they are very concerned and are pretty much scheduling him for surgery immediately.

If you think of it would you please pray for Danny and his family? They have had their share of medical issues in the last few years with other family members, but just pray for peace and rest as well as wisdom and skill for the doctors. There also found numerous other small aneurysms in his body, but they aren't even dealing with them until they fix this big one.

If you want an update on my Eyeball story... I got new prescriptions for my glasses on Monday and I'm having a heck of a time adjusting to them. I don't seem to have any depth perception and things that I know are round look elongated. It's really weird. They checked and the prescription is right so it's all in how my brain is perceiving things. Since I'm used to knowing that things are round when I couldn't really see them as round due to my astigmatism now they look funny with the prescription.

Anyway, it's giving me a headache (along with the normal head reacting to glasses headache) and seems to be worse outside. So if you could pray that I get used to them quickly that would be wonderful. This on top of jet lag has pretty much killed my week.


Finally, see that button on the left sidebar? It's for a little boy named Stellan who is in the hospital with a really rapid heartbeat. They're not entirely sure why, but it's something he had in utero, then was healed from, but now something has triggered it again.

So please pray that the meds would work to bring his heart rate back down and that his parents would be at peace. If you would like to join the prayer vigil for him please visit this site.


  1. Prayers are coming your way! And I had just added Stellan's button right before I checked your blog. God is good!

  2. I had the same loss of depth perception when I first got glasses. It lasted for about 3 days. How are you doing now?


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