Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

I know that at the moment I don't think I can even process what is going on in Haiti. I saw the devastation of Katrina first hand months after the fact, when things were relatively cleaned up. I can't imagine living in the middle of that devastation with no water, food, or shelter.

Right now I wish with all my heart there was something physical and tangible I could do, but I can't. If you can, do it! If not, consider donating to help. I know there are many good organizations out there that are helping. Please make sure you do your research and aren't supporting a scam.

One that I know is NOT a scam is Compassion. They already have people living and working in Haiti and some of their employees from the Dominican Republic have come across the border to help. They are using relief funds to provide kits for families that include food, water, and basic supplies necessary for survival.

If you can spare even a few dollars, Compassion meets the highest standards for charities in the US and your money will be used to help those suffering after the Haiti Earthquake.

Thank you for helping.

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  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Krista, thank you for doing this. I just keep crying (and viewing more news, and crying some more)... there are no words for tragedy like this. -Allison


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