Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cider Press

Saturday we went to the annual cider press that our dentist hosts. Yes, we are from a small town. His kids were in my mom's class, too!   I'm not sure how many years he's been doing this now, but I know at least since I was in college, probably close to 10 years.

The man himself - manning the BBQ

Most people show up early, but we live rather far away now (and have 2 small boys) so we didn't get there until it was well under way.  However it was probably better this way because then Brian could provide some fresh energy to the old fashioned cider press!

This is a real old press, something like 100 years old.  There is also an electric press just behind it that gets used.

Dumping all the apple pulp - makes for great compost!

Drink break - fresh pressed cider, yum!

Everyone gets in on the action... the kids love to help get the apples out of the bins and put them in buckets to be dumped in the presses.

Sometimes they have to dive to get the apples once the bins are half empty...

And Cory protecting her from the pirates with stick in hand...

This year they did a record 5 bins of apples and 1 of pears to make 314 gallons of juice!  Every gallon has some apple in it, then some (or most, this year) have pear as well, and someone brought blackberries to add so every family got to take home one gallon of apple berry juice as well!

After it's all said and done we have a huge potluck lunch, the driveway gets thoroughly hosed down (there is sticky apple juice on everything) and we all take home 10 gallons of super yummy apple cider! 
Welcome to Fall!


  1. What an AWESOME idea! That looks like, er, gallons of fun!

  2. What a lovely day! I would like to drink some freshly squeezed/pressed apple juice right now but the apples that reach Dubai from all over the world has somehow lost that 'fresh' and real taste. :-(


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