Friday, October 08, 2010

Mommy, I'm So Proud!

I sort of feel the need to apologize, like this has become the all baby blog, all the time.  However, every day I am amazed by how fast my baby is learning to get around!  (yet still refusing to eat ANY solid food, 3am, I despise thee)

So today I present: The Standing Noah

First he's mastered the knees...
(and I literally just lowered the crib mattress about 15 minutes before this)

One knee forward...

The other knee forward...

Now just pull yourself up to your feet!

I'm so proud of myself Mommy!

He's now also mastered pulling up on the couch.  Hasn't quite figured out that once he stands up he still has to keep holding on... but I'm sure the balance will come quickly.  Much too quickly for me considering he's still a week and a half shy of 7 months!  
Last Friday we finally got to the 6 month doctor's appointment to find that he's completely normal and measuring 27 inches and 18 3/4 pounds.
Slow down kid!


  1. Look at his grin that final picture! Very proud indeed. :)

  2. Yep, you can tell that he is indeed proud of himself!!

  3. Wait, you are apologizing for the reason many of us check your blog every morning?

    Yes, I eagerly read everything else too.


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