Saturday, February 11, 2012


I think I could probably write for hours on Trust... which makes it really hard to quantify everything in five minutes...

I have a tattoo (shocking, I know) on my back that comes from a time in my life when I really had to learn how to trust.  Trust in God.  To learn to let go.  That I don't really have any control over things anyway.

And that the outcome of trust is perfect peace.  When you don't have to control things, you don't worry about the outcome.  Oh sure, I still worry, plenty.  I think that's a family trait.  But when things start to get really crazy I try to remember that I really don't have any control over it anyway.  And if I did... whoo boy, it might not be the outcome I want!  I think I'd really rather God be in control!

I have to trust that God knew what He was doing with this pregnancy* giving me/us twins!  He must think I can handle it... even if I think I'm gonna go a little crazy!  But I guess it's easier to believe that He gave them to us so therefore we will be able to handle it.  Something like light at the end of the tunnel?

Trust must go hand in hand with hope.  If I didn't trust that He was in control I'd have no hope for how things would turn out.  Funny the way that works!

Now, trusting people on the other hand, that takes me awhile... my poor husband.  But that's a post for another day!

*I found out yesterday that at my current 32 weeks I'm measuring 40 weeks and that each baby weighs almost 4 pounds.  I'm kinda depressed over the fact that I have at least 4 more weeks to go and maybe/sorta hopefully more.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Congratulations on your pregnancy. It would require a lot of trust on my part if I found out I was having twins but I have always been surprised by the extra measure given to those multiples mamas. Praying blessings and lots of trust in the last few weeks and beyond.

  2. With your patience and great motherly instincts I know you'll be great when the twins arrive!


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