Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's Going On...

So... attempting to do the #febphotoaday thing has made me a slacker in the actual posting department.  Although there's really not a whole lot to report...

We're just kind of hunkered down here at home, playing the waiting game.  As of last Friday I am 34 weeks and they officially won't stop my labor if it starts, nor have to send me to Seattle.  So yay for that!  I've been waking up some nights to contractions, which makes me extra tired the next day.

Add to that a puking toddler (last Thursday and then again today) and I'm just not really that into blogging right now!  Although he is awfully cute... he likes to climb up the back of my chair and kiss me.  He's really into the kissing thing lately.

You can also see that we've painted half the room yellow (the other half will get painted later when we have to move the rest of the stuff out - like in 6 months) and are sorting out baby stuff.

Basically, I would love to have these babies tomorrow because I am so freakishly uncomfortable.  But I also want them to have the best chance at being healthy and not needing any extra care so I know they really should stay in another week or two!  What a dilemma!

That's my life, how's yours?

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