Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boy Quotes #9

Noah's got it figured out when he wants something brother has... "One mitten (minute), Noah turn"

We have a duck/lemonade stand joke that Noah thinks is hilarious.  He frequently says, "glue tree, otay Mom?" because the duck is threatened with being glued to a tree if he doesn't stop asking for grapes at the lemonade stand... and so he's "threatening" to glue me to a tree.  Which he thinks is also hilarious!

"No take a dirt out Noah grass" - don't take the dirt out of Noah's grass
We got sprinklers installed this week (hooray!) and when Noah got up from his nap and saw that his beloved yard was all torn up he was distraught.  It's all done now, but there's grass seed down so they won't be able to play in the yard for a few weeks.  Time to visit some parks (wish ours was done already!).

See my pretty daffodils!

This past weekend my in-laws were here and my mother-in-law bravely accompanied me, the girls, and Noah to the mall for a couple of errands.  When we were done the girls needed to eat so we were sitting in the van.  Noah was strapped in the back and didn't want to be left out... He started telling us a story about how the "dinosaur eat white car" and then "dinosaur eat Mama house" and when we asked where we were going to go then he said "sleep Nana house".  But then the "dinosaur eat Nana house" so then we were all going to go "sleep Bama house" (Grandma's house).  There were many rounds of this sometimes interspersed with "oh no! what to do?"  It was quite hilarious and cute as he's got the storyteller's inflection down!

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  1. Oh, they're so much fun at this age, aren't they? Mine just turned three, and she is definitely the life of any party!
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