Monday, April 30, 2012

On Birthdays and Easter and Grandparents... Oh My!

Since it is now the last day of April I think it's high time I post these pictures from Easter weekend when the grandparents came to visit, meet the girls, and celebrate birthdays with us...

Bedtime stories are better with Grandma and Grandpa here (they always come in the evening)

We did make it to church or Easter, but unfortunately didn't get any pics.  Bummer.  No family pictures at all yet... it's more complicated now!

But we had a very yummy Easter dinner and then it was birthday time!

From Aunt Annika (and by default Uncle Kevin) a helicopter that makes all kinds of noise... 
She'll be getting the favor back when she has kids!

And a Lightning McQueen horn for his new bicycle.  Which was promptly determined to ONLY be honked outside.

Hope hanging out with Auntie Annika.

And for Noah a monster truck with trailer pulling a 4-wheeler.  As you can also see by Cory's favorite (too small) shirt, monster trucks are all the rage in our house!

From Grandma and Grandpa, a Lego kit book that makes a police helicopter and "bad guy" getaway car or 2 other things, I forget what at the moment.  This was the highlight of the evening...

For Noah, a book with holes in it where you see things on the next pages.  It's kind of an eye-spy book.

He certainly has figured out how to unwrap presents...

See the helicopter in the back of the table?  One of the things it says is "It's the police, put your hands in the air" and so my mother taught Noah how to put his hands up and say "I didn't do it!"  It never gets old...

Gluten free Cookie Monster cupcakes!  Came from an etsy shop with the kit for decorating.  About all I could manage at this point!

Grandpa holding Joy.  Looking like he wishes he could be asleep too after helping Brian with the laundry room! (which is slowly coming along to completion!)

The boys see the cupcakes.  And this is the only good picture I have because Cory was more interested in playing with his new Lego car than paying attention when we were singing to him!

Highlight of the evening... and I'm pretty sure it's been played with every day he's been home since!

Noah reading his new book with Grandma

And after a whirlwind weekend, Grandma and Grandpa came to say goodbye on Monday morning.
(Hope with Grandma, Joy with Grandpa)

And now I have a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and 6 week old girls in the house.

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