Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleep Like A Baby

People complain about the phrase because babies really don't sleep very long at any one stretch.  But the funny thing is, when they do sleep it doesn't really matter where they are or how they're positioned...

And I couldn't get my camera out fast enough this morning to catch one like the above, but with both arms above her head...

I have a lot more pictures of Joy... because she sleeps more, generally, and isn't as fussy.  So I can take pictures of her when she's down and I don't have to hold her.  Here's Hope, wide awake and probably going to scream in a few minutes!


  1. such a sweet smile! I love those power nap days. Now its me who conks off anywhere!

  2. I love the zombie-hands photos! We aren't getting to see them as often anymore. Amelia actually fell asleep in the middle of a high school assembly yesterday :)


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