Monday, June 11, 2012

Highs and Lows

A week ago Saturday we picked up my dear penpal friend Amy at the airport.  True story: when she came to visit for the first time 6 years ago I was pregnant with Cory and so needed to use the restroom as soon as we got there.  I walked in as she was coming out of a stall and we recognized each other.  What a way to first meet your penpal since the second grade... in an airport bathroom!  This time it was regular baggage claim meeting!

The day before we'd spent 4 hours at a specialist's office in north Seattle where we eventually got the girls' tongues clipped.  There was no way to tell 100% if they were tongue tied until we did it, but the doctor said they were since they popped up when clipped.  However... nursing for the past week has actually been worse than it was before.

Hope has slowly gotten better, but Joy is about as bad as she ever was on the worst days.  I'm really not sure what to do now as I'm back to pumping since it seems like she's not getting enough to eat.  I would really appreciate any and all prayers.

Other than that it was very fun to have my penpal here all week.  The boys adored her and I'm pretty sure the girls liked all the extra attention too!  It's a good thing we did all the "touristy" things last time she was here because we just did normal mom things this week!  However, I think we actually had a better time talking and we watched a couple of old movies that we each picked out that the other hadn't seen.  I introduced her to The Princess Bride (yay!) and she introduced me to Strictly Ballroom (I like it). 

Hopefully it won't be another 6 years before we see each other again!


  1. Like her, I would love to meet you in real life too! Some day! Hope all will be well with Hope and Joy. They are the most adorable!!

  2. That is SO cool that you had your long-time penpal visit you! So neat.
    And maybe the tongue clippings have just thrown the girls for a loop and they have to figure out how it feels to latch on now. Praying for you, Krista!

  3. Ack. Blogger had Tony signed in, But that was

  4. I love strictly ballroom! Glad you had fun with a friend. Praying for you.

  5. What a very special trip!

    Praying for you and your girls. :(


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