Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wild and Wooly Wednesdays

It started with a bang this morning... we were running late because I over slept and then Noah came to get help with his last few bites of oatmeal and instead upended his bowl.  On the carpet of course.

The baby wouldn't nurse right and I didn't have time to help her patiently because her sister needed to be at the chiropractor.  And I was supposed to be there a few minutes early to trade another mom some clothes.

I ate my oatmeal out of the pot with the wooden spoon every time I went through the kitchen (yes, my mouth is that big), but finally we got out the door and I chilled out in the car.

Then, after meeting another mom near the mall I was leaving a message and got pulled over for talking on the cell phone while driving.  Why yes, officer, I have an extra $124 laying around for your city to have...
I do have a blue tooth system in my car, but unfortunately that doesn't work real well when you also have children with you.  Children who are either screaming (babies) or want to talk too (Noah).  I guess my headset is going to have to start living in the car.

At Costco I made the wrong cart choice so Noah had to walk, with harness.  He decided to climb under the cart, which was fine until I noticed he was dragging his hands along the floor as we went.  Gross!

We did make it home in one piece, Daddy arrived, and naps were had.  Then after naptime Noah and Daddy were playing and all was well until he decided to walk around with his blankie on his head.  He tripped over one of the boxes I have out (garage sale this weekend, finally!) and smashed chin first into our cedar chest.  A trip to the walk-in clinic and 7 stitches later the doctor pronounced him one of the very few 2 year olds he'd ever had sit still enough for stitches!  Poor Noah!

But Daddy took him out for ice cream afterwards and he doesn't seem too much the worse for wear!

I'm not sure what it is, but many weeks it does seem like Wednesday is out to get me.  I even wrote another post about it awhile back, but of course I can't find it right now.  It's Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I'm sorry you had a rough Wednesday, that's how I feel a lot too with my two boys, and I am 7m pregnant with one girl, yeah! Anyway I feel for you and hopefully you will have a nice and quiet Thursday!


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