Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Twin First Birthday Party!

So, we're having a blog party and we were having a real party this weekend! Due to various timing issues we didn't hold the girls' first birthday party until Saturday.

This is how they felt about being trapped in their car seats while I decorated...

Looky! I'm so proud of the banner I made!  Special thanks to my friend Candi who was over on Friday to motivate me... and run to the store for more paper when I screwed up!  My mother in law made the fruit rainbow! (you really should click on the picture and see it full size)

Singing to the birthday girls!  Our friend Alex loves these babies!

Oh, look Mama, I like cupcakes! (as Daddy moves the flamage a bit more out of reach!)

Joy is the serious one... inspecting the frosting!

Yum!  We know how this works!

Hope - all of it in at once!

Those cupcakes didn't last long and most of it was in the mouth not on them.  Of course it probably helped that I make all muffins in wrappers and they love them so they knew what to do!

All the kids wanted to sit with the birthday girls, so cute!

Birthday presents! This card came from my grandmother's stash so it's very retro and cool!

Joy figured out the wrapping paper thing, Hope needed a little help from brother.

Of course they were more interested in the paper and bows and tags than the actual presents!

I didn't count, but there were definitely more kids than parents there... and all super interested in the presents!

We like balloons for parties, they make good party favors.  Except we over estimated and came home with a balloon forest at our house too!

Hope - I think I like this birthday thing!

Thanks to everyone who came, for the cute clothes and books!


  1. Allison12:43 AM

    Great pictures! My first thought was, "Wait, they still fit in their baby car seats?" I especially love the pic of Brian with Hope. And the banner is beautiful!

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