Thursday, April 04, 2013


Six. Somehow this is harder to believe than 3, or even 1.  All my children are growing up, this one most of all.  Growing up and taking an adventure with Daddy this morning at 4am to go visit Great Grandpa in Oregon.

Six is being self aware enough to "try" to smile for the camera. 

Six is noticing the bumps when we drive over bridges and asking about expansion joints on the way home from Nana's house.  And then falling asleep in the car five minutes later.

Six is old enough to roam the neighborhood looking for new playmates, especially on spring break!

But six still likes to be tucked in at night with hugs and kisses and songs.

Six loves ice cream for dinner and playing with Legos, in bed!

And six is old enough to realize that sometimes we don't spend all our money on ourselves, we give it away to help others.

Six, Cory.  I think you'll grow up to be wonderful man, just like you're a wonderful boy now.

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