Friday, August 16, 2013


So small, yet big enough to high five everyone at the table last night, including the waitress (Hope).

Small, yet have opinions about everything even if they can't express them yet. (shoes!)

Small, yet starting to say words; shoes, Grandpa, Grandma, night night, baby.

Small, yet capable of infinite mischief if left alone too long.

Small, yet so full of personality and joie de vivre.

Small now, yet will grow too fast for me to keep up.

My baby girls are 17 months old and so precious!

No photos for this post because I can't convert them while on vacation... come back next week for lots of cuteness!

This is a post prompt from The Gypsy Mama. Join in? If you don't have a blog or don't want to write there I'd love to have you write with me, even in the comments!

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  1. Love that she is doing all those things. They grow so very fast!! Just treasure these moments of small.


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